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  1. Congratulations Heather!!!!! he is PERFECT!!!! So excited for you and your little family. Many blessings!!! xoxooxox
  2. SO sorry you are going through this right now! I know it's hard... I had to move out actually during one of my relationships (we broke up later), but it was still EXTREMELY hard to do. Packing up everything as I am crying my eyes out was miserable. But I had my friends and family help me so it kept my emotions in check at least for a little. But it's an adjustment. Moving by itself is an adjustment let alone because of a break up. There are going to be hard days, but I promise you will be okay. Everything will be okay.
  3. I just wanted to congratulate you on your new position, that is so exciting! You deserve it!
  4. You are doing everything you can do, stay strong. You will make something amazing out of this situation, I just feel it
  5. AMAZING!!!!!!! Congratulations Heather, so happy for you!
  6. Last movie I watched was on Halloween....SCREAM!!! I mean who doesn't love Scream??? Halloween classic
  7. The grass is greener now that I am not in a relationship with my ex Cheers!
  8. ohhh yuck!!! that is not fun! We are getting rain this afternoon and I think that is it.
  9. Haha no but it's been a year (365) plus the days of this current year (October 27th is the 300th day of the year...just googled it) and we broke up on the 23rd of January so subtract 23 days and you get 642.
  10. I agree, I don't like rain, but my grass is soooo brown, we need the rain here. Just a quick shower would be great!
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