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I cannot believe this.


We lost power at our house last night because of the storms that have come through here in the last few days. My husband had to work today, so I went to where I work just because they have heat, lights & internet (to priceline a hotel room for us tonight). There are still a lot of people without power, so it may be a day or two before we get ours back.


I logged into my work e-mail, and discovered my ex e-mailed me. I have no idea how he got my work e-mail address.


I left him three and a half years ago after I caught him cheating on me. In that time, I have gotten a different job with a different company, moved to a different city 200 miles away from where I was, changed my name (both through marriage and my professional name) and yet this idiot tracked me down. I made it very clear when I left him that he was NEVER to contact me. I have made NO attempts to contact him since I retrieved the last of my belongings from his house 3+ years ago.


I'm equal parts irritated and amused by this e-mail, and I'm a bit disturbed he's tracked me down at work. I'm thinking the best response is no response....but damn....I just needed to vent about this. I told my husband when he called me on his break, but he wasn't able to talk very long.


Not really looking for advice, but if you feel like chiming in with a, "what an idiot your ex is!" it might make me more amused than irritated.

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Danm your ex is such and idiot Hope that helped with the amusement a little. It is the truth though, and a bit scary that after 3 years he found a way to "track" you down. But he still is an idiot for more that one reason. Hope things get better for you and hope the power comes back later on.

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what an idiot your ex is...and I WOULD be very concerned with how he tracked you down...did he have access to your SS# while you were together? If so, it's very easy to find anyone and it won't matter what name you use or job you take.


Sorry to hear your electricity is out. Hope you find a good hotel price...

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OMG! That is so creepy! I would not reply at all! You don't want this weirdo to know that he found you!


Man, I got the shivers reading that! Tell your husband, and your employer if necessary, just in case this ex of yours is one of those psycho stalker types. Was he a dangerous guy?

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Yeah, I'm a little creeped-out by it.


He's not a dangerous guy, just completely clueless about what he wants in life/relationships.


A long while ago, I was talking to one of my guy friends about "why do ex-bf's come around and check on me years down the road?" And he said that if a woman says yes to a guy's advances once, some guys think she's likely to say yes again.


I kinda think the e-mail is a fishing expedition...it says something about dating lots of women, but not meeting anyone else like me...or some such poetic BS.


Thanks for the support, though....I thought I might be over-reacting a bit, but apparently not.


Oh, and $25 for the hotel...with free breakfast in the morning. I love priceline.

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I don't think you are over-reacting. He had to do some real digging to find you if you've changed your name. That sounds kind of obsessive. Maybe he just broke up with someone? Usually they lay it on pretty thick when they are rebounding. Maybe he is contacting ALL of his exes. Anyway...delete it. If he keeps sending them, that's way too creepy to ignore.


$25 for a hotel? Holy cow! That's like 1959 prices or something! LOL!

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