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Can't find a way to contact your S.O.? Post here you're message to him/her

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Hey everyone


I'm posting here my message to my bf who is currently working in a very, very remote area in Saudi Arabia.

We haven't talked for days because of internet problems. It is driving me crazy. I want to cry. I just cannot be alone these days because the sadness of missing him just gets so terrible. I now understand why some people do drugs.


Please post your message here too, if you can't contact your love and you miss him/her so much.




Hey H__ J__


You just stopped texting me last Sunday. Was it a problem again with you horrible internet?


I miss you so much. You have no idea how sad I am that we haven't talked since Sunday night. It's Friday now, your day off. Could you go somewhere with internet and text me? I would be so happy if I got a message from you today.


I am so worried sick. I need to know you're okay, you're eating well and sleeping well. Don't work too hard, baby.


Have you transferred to Camp 1? Did it go well? I know you said the place doesn't have internet. I wish you could stay in Camp 2. At least you have internet there, even if it is unreliable.


I miss you. I really, really miss you. I miss your chin and your hairy thighs and your Christmas belly. Haha


I miss you. I miss you.


I'm about to cry now.


I'm always here, okay? I'm all yours, you know that.


Take care. I hope to hear from you soon. I want to kiss you so much that my heart aches.



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This is sweet. It's kind of what I need right now. My BF is at basic training for the Army, and can have virtually no contact. I've been waiting with bated breath by my phone to get that one sweet call, telling me his company and brigade so I can write to him. I have nowhere to turn and I don't want to go on all sappy with my friends and parents or his family. So…here goes.


Hi baby - I miss you so, so much. I know you're being strong and acing this boot camp. You're so determined, selfless, caring, strong, handsome, funny…I know you're probably making some great friends now. You occupy every second of my day - you're on my mind at all times. You were in my dream last night, and you told me again, wearing that maroon t-shirt you have, how it will all be ok. I was crying as usual, but you made me feel safe.


You are my world. You have made me such a happy woman…I never thought it was possible to love another human like I love you. I am so proud of you and your dreams, and I cannot wait until the day I run and pounce on you when you graduate. I miss our nights together, cuddling and watching TV in the basement…playing Risk at the hookah bar…joking and laughing and smiling. I miss the strength and genuineness of your hand holding mine. I miss the look you give me, almost every time you look at me I can see how you feel about me. I miss you bowing your head down in anticipation of my kiss -- you know it's coming. I miss the way you smell. I slept with your pullover last night, and will continue to do so every night until I'm in your arms once again.


I never thought of myself as the type of girl to fall so completely for a man. I always thought I was so independent, self-sufficient and didn't need the love from some guy who thought I was pretty. Thought I'd live out my 20's and 30's alone, and I was fine with that. You've changed my life. Everything you want, I want. I support you and though this is a hard life to choose, I gladly choose it with you. Coco is missing her belly rubs and I miss watching you roll around on the floor with her, giving her love and attention. I can't wait to have children with you one day because I know you'll be the best dad.


Babe, it hurts me that you won't see this. It hurts me I can't tell you all of this right this minute. It hurts. I hurt so badly. I literally ache for you. Never thought that was possible, to yearn for another human. But you're my better half, and though you're always in my heart, I so selfishly want you next to me right now.


Two months. I hope it will fly by. I am excited for my own endeavors, and I will be with friends and family, but knowing you're not here is so difficult. I struggle to swallow fully, because when I think of you I am choked up.


I am so proud of you, and I know you're doing well. Please think of me. I know you do. Don't change, don't forget your duchess…your behemoth…your other half. I know life is no fairy tale, but with you I feel like the luckiest princess in the world. I can't wait to see you and I can't wait for our future. Hold onto that diligence. You'll do so well. I can't wait to hear from you.


I love you, baby. I love you to the ends of the earth. You are the keeper of my heart. Thank you for sending me that message on April 13, 2012. The best decision I ever made was to respond to it. Remember how we stayed up for four hours that first night talking about everything and anything? I'd move worlds and shift stars to do that right now with you.


Be strong. Feel my love. See you soon, my conquistador.

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