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Been talking to this girl for about 2 months now, she gave me her number at the christmas party on a note saying call me maybe? .. anything she works in the same office as me... so we started texting and she was very upfront.. after the second day we spoke she told me she was a virgin she is 19.. which I thought was quite forward as I was barley talking to her or on that level.. she said shes "always been single" but they had 3 relationships with boys 16,17,18 apparently. She was with a guy for 2 months and 2 months before just talking whos now in jail for breaking in someones home and attacking them.. so I don't know how this means seems been single all her life.


so moving on we talking for some time and now we been speaking on the phone for like 1-2-.30 hours for like 2 weeks.. Now I been trying to arrange to meet up with her at lunch at work she said ok be do it friday... friday comes she flaked saying it's bad weather.. soo... ok then we arrange she was going to come to mine and she was going to stay over... that time come which was a saturday.. she didn't message me friday.. so i took it she wasan't interesting and then i text her saying just checking if you coming and she said no shes ill and that i ignored her yesterady... when i spoke to her on text in the day and at work.. and i didn't her nothing from her at night.. however she was ill because she been ill that week.. she said she was not coming and kinda ignored me.. then sent me a sorry later that night saying shes being a selfish ... but i didn't expect her to come as she was ill.. so im like ok i dont have a problem ..


now we keep talking and but she keeps having these little moments but shes blames it on her hormones lol about 4 weeks i got her i didn't understand why she said she was a virgin so soon and she said she wanted to know what type of girl she was.. but it seems like she wanted to stay with me at the xmas party as I had a room there.. she said why It's not a big deal and said just forget. she asked me if it was a big deal so i said no said it wasan't unless she was trying to provoke me to say something..


after her little moments the one after she didn't come over... she started being bit short on text.. so I said something like do you just want to be friends.. and she said i want what you want.. and i said I thought you wanted to be more than friends.. im not putting with this anymore, i've tried, ive been nice to you but im starting not to care anymore.. something along that ... so she said i will call you tomorrow for a chat ... then tomorrow come she didn't call...


so i ignore her the next day at work thinking shes not interested.. we dont text for the next 3 days... and i see her in the hallway ... said hi how are you being friendly.. she just ignored me and i text her your so rude.. she said i didn't think you wanted to talk to me... i said i didnt say that... so we started talking again.... then it was ok again.. we spoke thursday on the phone again for a while... friday she wanted to call but i went out.. so we spoke a bit saturday afternoon for about 40 mins ... she went out at night... then next me about 10ish saying are you up .... i love you... etc.. then sunday morning i text her then she says sorry for the drunken texts ... i didn't reply but carryed on the convo...


coming to sunday night .. i asked her to call me as her has unlimited mins and have a little... she takes 35 mins to reply, shes usually instant.. she says no shes watching tv but says text instead...i even told her i will go gym earylier so we can speak and i back hr before i usaually do.. so im like ok she not interested then.. she knows i hate texting... she says do you miss me and i say as you as you miss me and then she says lots x .. and says you love me dont you.. and i say as you as you love me and like says my name like in a long way so im like yeh of course


after all this talking for 2 months we still haven't meet up, it had been frustrating me, we haven't been talking for the phone for 4 days we did every night.. but i just be short but make my intentions clear.. and she asked me if i missed her again.. i said i haven't meet you yet.. just briefly meet you at work .. then she puts okay sort of annoyed face and i said hopefully we can meet up soon she said yeh okay .. i found no emotion in that anyway i replied cute and she messaged back quickly saying night xx


so i message her the next day saying with smiley face ... she replys miss you and i said prove it and she said dont you misss meee ... now im starting to think she just wants a attention now.. and i said whats the to miss x (so sorta cheeky with a kiss) then she said why you being weird ? i said i dont know what you mean and asked her how work was ... as i haven't been in this week she said hmmm fine.. so i tryed to carry it on saying i miss your voice giving her a clue to call me .. she replyed "yours too" but shes being short with me now.. she used to put kissed and emotions into 90% of her texts.. now shes not.. and i left the convo at that.. as the past 3 days ive been making the convo and texting first and shes not making an effort.. so i just left it..


i been thinking to leave it.. by not text her last night but i stuggled so hard and gave in..


btw im 22 and a virgin ... she's been a bltch to me about 3/4 times and i left her off... i feel weak for it.. she even says why did i do that..


sorry for the long writing probs alot of errors.. your input would help greatly.. now i debated to reply or leave things to cool...but worried it might make things worse.. I love the fact we are both virgins but im sure if she is being with that guys .. she seems to lie somethings... he told me she lied to her friends about having to go out and she didnt have to go.. i said why you do that she said because shes good at lying and people believe her..


funny as we speak she just texted me i don't think if i should reply.. maybe she just wants attention.. im not sure what to do anymore and im feeling frustrated.. she said how are you tim x seems to friendly

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