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i'm pretty confused about what just happened...


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after a few months of complaining about my ex, i finally got set up with a girl, through mutual friends. we had been talking online for the past two days, and she seemed interested in meeting me, and i was interested in meeting her to begin with. so tonight we met up... i gave her my cell phone number and told her to call me if she wanted to meet up, because she was going to be in the area near my house with her girlfriends. so she ends up calling me and asking me to meet up wih her and her friends (four other girls besides her) here's where it starts going downhill. after we met up, she didn't really seem interested in meeting me anymore. she and her friends basically carried on their own conversations like i wasn't there. i mean, they talked to me every now and then but overall they weren't making me feel welcome. so later, one of her friends' boyfriend calls, i guess to break up with her or something, because she starts crying on the spot. so the girl i was being set up with and her friends took this girl into the girls' bathroom at the place were at. obviously i was left outside. a few minutes later, the girl i was meeting up with came out and told me that this was supposed to be a "girls' night out" and she apologized for what happened and just said "see you around then" i told her i understood, then i left. after a while, she got home and we talked online, and had another nice conversation, and apologized again for the situation.


ok so now i'm really confused. she called me up and invited me to a girls' night out, then asked me to leave a half hour later? the whole thing makes me feel pretty dumb, and i'm wondering why she even bothered to call me in the first place because she didn't seem all that interested in me once i showed up. does anyone have any idea what might be going on? should i try to contact her again, maybe to meet with her alone for coffee or something like that? basically i want to know if it's even worth persuing her - was this a circumstancial thing (having her friends there, and the situation with the one girl) or was she just not interested? thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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Well, she did call you remember. So she was interested, like she remembered she was in your area and called you. I think you just had bad luck, i meen it is weird that there was 5 of them and she called you, but that was bad luck with the crying thing. It's akward when that happened and you shoudlnt stick around. I say try and meet her again, more privatly, or doing sumthin fun. Thats what I say.

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I've seen this kind of thing happen before.


Picture this:


A bunch of girls are hanging out. This girl you're meeting makes a call and tells you to come and meet up with her and her friends. Immediately after that her friends get really upset saying that they don't want to hang out with this new guy cause this was a girls only event.


So your girl calms them down, and everything is cool. She promises you won't take her away from her friends and she gives them most of her attention. Finally the one friend breaks into tears over whatever. In the bathroom she tells EVERYONE how embarrassed she is cause THAT GUY saw everything and how he must be judging her. So your girl comes out says "sorry go home", to save her friend from further embarrassment.


Make sense? I think that's what is going on... In fact I'm pretty sure it is. She likes you it was just the wrong time to meet her friends. Next time ask her if you can chill with your friends or even better just the two of you.


I hope this helps.

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that is encouraging... i guess now i have to figure out if she really does want to meet up with me again, hopefully just the two of us. i'm not sure if i should ask her just to meet up for lunch to get two know each other a little more, or if i should give her a little time in case she wants to ask me. basically i don't want her to go out with me because she felt bad about what happened last night. i want her to want to be there. we still talk online, so should i give it time and see what happens?

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More likely then not she is embarrassed about the whole thing. Yes she feels bad about it, but she probably thinks, you think, she's a big dork. This means she's probably a little iffy about inviting you out again. I suggest you do call her up and invite her out to show her you're okay with what happened.


As the saying goes "actions speak louder than words".


Good Luck!

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