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I can't get him out of my mind


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I feel like this is utterly stupid but I really need some advice.


So, I met this guy online.. He seemed to be really nice and we had so much in common. We had been texting each other very often for about 2 months. He was always telling me cute things, he kept telling me how pretty I was, and that he likes me. He seemed quite interested in me.. He wanted to meet me and do stuff for me and so on. (We live in different countries and I 'm planning to visit there ) I jokingly flirted with him few times but he was kinda serious about that, I wasn't very interested at the time.. he understood that and moved on. We kept talking for weeks, he brought up the subject again and it made me a little uncomfortable so we moved on again. We started to text each other less frequently.. I was busy with finals and school stuff so maybe I b*tched a lot about it and bored him.. he doesn't really text me often.. I texted him once but couldn't hold the conversation. I think I got obsessed with him since he gave me all the attention and praised me. But he doesn't seem interested anymore. I know I suck. I'm pathetic. I was the one who rejected him and all but I constantly think/dream about him and can't get him out of my mind for some reason..

I don't know if I love him or that I'm just an attentionwh*re .. I thought I would move on but I can't ..


What should I do? Would it be too loser-ish to confess my thoughts to him? How can I move on?

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Thank you guys for caring to reply!

I guess I just have to move on. Keeping myself busy does the trick.

I haven't had a real relationship with a guy for a long long time so I hopelessly fall for any guy who gives me attention. I'm hoping that I'll manage to get over it too.

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