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I have never done the LDR thing. My bf and I ahve been together for over 2 1/2 years. We are currently living together and have been for 2 years. I love him more than I could ever explain in words. I know he loves me the same. He has to move 400 miles away to go to school and finish up his degree. I have to stay here to finish up mine. I will be done in about 6 months and then I am moving to where he is (which is also back home). Over the course of these 6 months, we will be seeing each other for two weeks over spring break, and one weekend before, and one weekend after. Those are definitely going to happen. More occasions are possible but not confirmed. 6 months and seeing each other in between is not terrible right?


He says he has all these plans after we both graduate. Get a home, travel, establish lives together.


I must admit I am scared. Most of me is ok with the whole thing and confident. but theres this deep rooted part of me that thinks that once a person leaves, they are gone forever (abandonment issues). I also have this deep rooted fear of being mislead. I dont want to be promised something and not have it follow through.


So to those of you with experience, and those of you who just have some words, should I put my heart and soul into this? Will it work like he says? Or is there a good chance that I will end up being mislead and we will grow apart over the course of the 6 months? Others in this forum have stated that LDRs work if the couple intends on being together in the end. We do, so does that mean I dont have to worry?

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You may have to work on it, but you have been together for a long time. Yes, it can work. But, you need to remember there are two parts to it. The more reassurance and other things you need, the more demands you put on him. Be careful with how much you ask for. And know when he is asking for more, you can too.

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Relationships go through a lot worse conflicts than being six months apart. You'll be just fine, I'm sure. I had a friend who's boyfriend moved away to grad school, they stayed together for two years long distance. Then when he graduated, they married and moved to Japan together.

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You are lucky. Six months is not bad at all. I think the reason my boyfriend wants a break from our LDR is because of his fear of being "mislead" and me not coming back to the east coast for school. We have been together for 3 years, and prior to us living together for 2 years, we had to do an LDR for 8 months when he moved, after being together for 7 months before that. So I am not sure it's over yet, but if it is it will be a tragedy, and mainly due to his fear of living in uncertainty and being led on by me (which of course is the furthest thing on my mind..I had hoped of being with him always).

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