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Do you like taking things slow in a relationship?


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I have met this guy through university about 7 weeks ago, we are both mid 20s.


We started in the same social group. We were friends for the first couple of weeks before things started to develop. Whilst friends, it became really obvious just how much we have in common. Our first ever conversation was about how we love our studies and didn't want a relationship. He said it would take the most special person to change his mind. We then discovered we both never want kids but really want to get married. Then how we have the same hometown. Then how we are both animal loving vegans. Then how we are both huge atheists. I could go on.


Naturally things developed. We just a couple of days ago decided to be an exclusive couple, we've been out around 15 times.


It is weird because our first conversation was saying how we were so happy being single. Now things are moving quite fast. We say we miss eachother every day. Last night he said he could so easily fall in love with me.


To be honest, we were both happy being single and had been for two years so this is healthy. However, how fast it too fast? I think it is good to be self protective, however after a death of a close family member this year I really appreciate how short life is and how we should enjoy everything we can.


Keen to hear others' stories and opinions. Do you tend to take it slow or do you throw caution to the wind?

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Personally I prefer to take it slow, I have had one relationship that moved too fast and I felt totally destabilized, but that is just me, I need a lot of time to think and figure out my feelings so a slow-burn relationship is usually the best situation for me.


If you feel that it is moving too fast for you just speak up and slow it down a bit. No harm in that, and if he is really into you he will understand.

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I recommend taking it slow..breath through your experience..so you don't miss anything..experience it and really take your time to get to know someonone..for one thing, this can prolong the honeymoon..and another..it allows each of you to deepen that yummy delicious romantic connection.

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