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Getting Rid of Internet Guy

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Hi, I got back together with my ex boyfriend last night very unexpectedly. Theres no problem with that, Im so happy. the problem is this guy online. He is 30 years old and im 19. At first I didnt know his age and I just talked to him because he was really cool and funny, and fun to tlak to. Well he has become very obsessed with me to the point where when Im not talking to him he says he misses me like crazy. I didnt see ne harm in talking to him, but now im scared. He has asked to come see me and I said i dont feel comfortable so he said that was fine and he wouldnt ask again. But he DOES, he asks all the time.


I have to say that I was part to blame, after I broke up with my bf i was very vulnerable and liked that he was into me. I now think that i led him on, because he was SERIOUS about everything. There have been 2 times where I flat out told him i wouldn' t be interested and nothing would ever come out of this, and he has left me alone for a couple days. Then i go online to find messages that say he doesnt care if nothing happens he just needs to talk to me, then after awhile hes syaing he loves me again.


I HATE hurting peoples feeligns, so i dont kno what to say to him. I have thought of just changing my screennames and disappearing all together, but then i think what if he tracks me down? He works with computers and has told me it can be done if the right person knows how to do it. Should i instead make myself seem so mean and gross to him that HE just stops too?


My ex, which is now my bf again is going to tell me that HE wants to talk to him. My bf has a very bad temper when it comes to stuff like that, and he HATES that guys talk to me. Which is one reason we broke up but tahts another story.


What do u all think I should do? Im scared and im nervous, and now that i have a bf i dont want to even talk to this guy because its not fair to my bf to have some guy saying I love you to me. I just brushed it off adn dealt with it before, now i dont want it.


Thanks for ur help, I know I was a fool to allow him to talk to me, but now I just need to get rid of him.

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Well you've already told him you would never consider anything with him. If he's not getting the hint, then its time to block his IM and email accounts so he can't contact you. Then ignore him. I wouldn't recommend your boyfriend talking to him because that will just inflame things. Just block him and let that be the end of it.

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Hi there,

I know how you feel. I had an internet stalker once and he told me the same things this guy has told you. He was a programmer and claimed he could track me down ..blah blah. I was as nervous and anxious as you.


I did what avman suggests. I got rid of the messenger names he had, blocked his emails and just about dissappeared. He never bothered me again.


This is one of those times where you have to think about YOU and your safety and not care about hurting someone's feelings. As a woman we are mostly raised to "be nice" ... well don't be nice at the expense of your safety. Protect yourself.


Good luck

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