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How long did you wait until your first kiss?

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Me and my boyfriend didn't have our first until a couple months after dating. However, he was away at school, so we only saw each other once a week.


I think you should wait until whenever the moment feels right. If you are both comfortable and want to do it and it feels right, then it isn't too soon or too late.

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my boyfriend and I have been dating for two years so 14 was my first kiss, but we were both painfully shy and waited about a month before we kissed. We dated in a very "friendly" way that first month, and it was actually the time I look back on most fondly. We got to know each other as people and individuals first before it became romantic. It was very sweet(-:

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Wait? Whatever for? I guess I mgiht be able to see waiting when I was in high school, but only because I was too timid to just go for it. Now, I do not wait. Any girlfriend of mine since I was twenty-four has been kissed either on or before the so-called "first" date. My current gf and I met then got together at a party, which neither knew the other would attend. It was not yet a date, but it happened that night.


I also do it because a woman (not sure about teenaged girls) will kiss a guy if she is attracted to him. If she won't kiss you, stop bothering.

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In my opinion, kissing isn't an extremly huge deal. It is a form of affection, and I like to be affectionate. (I'm not affectionate with others while I have a boyfriend, though.) Many of the guys I have gone on dates with, and some that I never really ever dated, got a kiss before any steady relationship formed. Some I never got into a relationship with. I'm still friends with most of them. I'd never kiss a guy I did have some type of feeling for, however. And each time I kissed someone, it just felt right. It wasn't some awkward, terrifying kiss. My current boyfriend and I kissed right away on our first date. That's when it felt right.

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I am on side with Beec and lillady.


If I am into a guy, and they are into me, a kiss usually happens somewhere in the first date, before there is ever a "relationship". But, then again I am 25 now so I think things work differently when you get older, we just go for it if it is right, and know if we are into someone very very soon.


For the record...I love kissing, but only will if I am actually into someone, an am attracted to them (not just physically, I mean as a person).

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