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Will he come around?

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I really like this guy! And uh well he has a girlfriend, I just found that out about 2 days ago. He is gorgeous, sweet, nice, everything! Me and him talk alot, flirt, blah blah blah, but see I am not sure why this is. We just met each other and already he calls me baby, and looks at me alot n stuff. If he has a girl and he's devoted to her should I simply let him alone or try to pursue him? Do u think he will come around eventually? We have alot in common and can hold good convos, we also like to joke around alot. I just want to experience new things...I have not been with anyone in a long long time and with him seems like the perfect time to start! what should I do?

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sonjam is right. one of my friends is currently obsessed with a guy who has a girlfriend. he flirts with her a whole lot. I tell her its really unfair of him. I also tell her, i know you want him to leave her for you. but if he did and you were together, how would you know he wasnt flirting with someone else?


do it, if you like. but i wouldnt...its kinda like being a homewrecker, minus the wedding rings.

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Talk with him and be friends but don't take it any further. If he's ina relationship, no matter how things might be going, trying to start anything is just asking for trouble. If he chooses you then you could become the excuse for why they broke up. She could blame you for taking her man. Maybe he'll feel guilty about what he's done and leave you because of it or maybe he'll turn around and dump you for the next girl that comes along. And if he doesn't pick you then you would have invested all this energy into a guy who is taken and doesn't feel the same way. Never get involved with someone who is already in a relationship, nothing good can come of it.

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