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  1. I'm a 19 year old girl just trying to live life. I'm currently in college about to go into my second year and so far life just seems pretty [blah]... I mean I have never had a [serious] boyfriend before and I honestly feel like I never will. It sounds very pessimistic but put yourself into my situation. Every guy that I have ever liked has either not liked me back or liked me for a shirt period of time and grew tired of me...I just don't know what to do anymore. People tell me oh don't worry about it you're going to be successful and make something of yourself, but I want more than that. I want someone there for me. I know I don't need a guy to complete me or anything like that...but there comes a time in one's life when you want a special someone in your life to make you feel good. What can I do? I understand that if you have to resort to tricks and games to get a guy then he never was interested from the beginning. But what can I do to KEEP a guy once we've established some sort of foundation? I've let too many decent guys slip between the cracks because I didn't know what to do to keep things interesting. I'm not talking to anyone right now, but just for future reference I want to know how to handle it because I don't want to be 30 and still never have anyone...This feeling seriously sucks!
  2. Okay, So I'm back home because school ended in early May. I haven't been up to much for these weeks I've been back, but one day outta the cold blue I got a phone call from someone I went to High School with. I don't recall us being super close or real good friends in school. I don't even ever recall us talking much, but he says he remembers me and that he really liked me in school but never knew how to tell me because he was scared of what I would say. Ok...So I understood that. After that day he texted me everyday and called me at night....We talked for a week straight with no interruptions. However, during the time we talked on the phone he lived in FLA and a few days ago he moved back to his homestate of LA...he told me well in advance that he would be going back home and for some reason I had a feeling that we wouldn't talk as much or at all for that matter...the day he left for home I didn't expect to hear from him but he texted me @ 6:00am in the morning and we talked all the way until he got home...since he hit home he hasn't called @ all...I tried to text him once and we talked for like 5 mins then he never responded back to me. It has been like this since he got home and i don't know why. Why has he all of a suddenly stopped talking to me?...I figured he was just peroccupied with being home but when i talked to him the day after he got home he said he was bored outta his mind! I'm confused, if he's bored why hasn't he called me? I really did enjoy talking to him during the time we talked and now that he's stopped I'm a lil confused...Does anybody know what's going on?
  3. Ok.. I am in college right now, and I am doing terrible! So far my cum GPA is 2.93, I am a freshman in my second semester, and I can't handle not being good enough at anything....on my very first English paper this semester, I got a C-....I cried so hard, and I am still crying. My goal this semester was to get a 4.0 I don't feel this goal is too far out of reach because the classes I am taking are my strong points, and I feel as though English is a strong point of mine as well... I have never gotten below an A in an english class....I mean when I got a B+ last semester I nearly broke down.....I can't stand school, It just makes me want to drop out....I can't deal with being a constant failure....It hurts so bad right now.. I mean a C-?? It's just embarrasing to say that to people...I'm just writing because I really am trying to calm myself down, my sadness has turned into anger, I'm figity, I want to throw things, and i know that today anyone I come in contact is going to feel the wrath....I just want to relax before I go to work, I just know I will be upset all day and probably tomorrow too.....
  4. This is a very weird circumstance I have been battling within myself since I began liking boys...I like a person, find out they like me, and when he makes the first move to want to be with me, I freak out, and try to cut off all ties with him. I get annoyed of him calling me, and get scared whenever I see him. I soon began to see all of the faults that are covered up when u initially fall for them(looks, etc.) and I wonder what other people would think of us together....I'm not sure if anyone can help me, but i'd sure appreciate it! Why do I freak out when a boy I like, likes me? Why am I so scared of relationships?...help!
  5. For the past few weeks I have been going through alot of emotions and I don't really know what I am feeling! I would like to know if anyone out there knows a few sure fire signs that one is desperate, thanx in advance!
  6. I have this major problem. I am pretty and everything so I don't have much of a problem pulling dudes.. but keeping them is a whole nother story.. how do you keep a guy interested without giving up too much too fast,or seeming like you're moving too slow? I really need help with this one guys!
  7. I have been going out with this guy for about 2 months now and things have went from great to terrible... when we firs began going out he'd always call me...text me at lunch time just to let me know he was thinking about me...and always wanted to see me...as with most relationships thing changed quick...he is in the army by the way and he had to move to a different barrack so when he did that he became more and more busy... i mean he'd call when he could..but it just didnt seem the same.....we broke up like 3 days b4 valentines day and i was crushed for the whole week we didnt talk... then out of the bule he calls me and says i really need to talk to you can u come over my house.. i went to his house and he explained to me in detail why he had broken up with me and how he wanted to be with me again... i said i have to think about it becaue im not in a rush to be hurt again...but then i ended up taking him back/ and ever since then things got weirder...we hung out one more time before things changed for good...that day we hung out we had a long talk about our communication and how he has been so busy lately...i mean it set things str8..but wait theres more.. i asked him if he cared about me and he says oh i see so ur looking for love i mean i care about you but im not ready for love...im not ready for that and he said yes u are ur a liar.. ur looking for love.. i got so mad and said no i wasnt...i really like him.. and since that day and that lil altercation we havent talked in 2 and a half weeks.. i really doubt theres someone else...i feel like theres a conflict there that needs to be fixed or whatever i told my friends and they say hes cheating on me.. but trust me if he was i wouldnt b e naive about it..i believe theres something more serious underneath it all....we have never officially broken up so we technically go out still but we havent talked in 2 weeks so i consider us broken up.. he wont return my texts or my calls and im so sad...i texted him one day and he said who is this and after i told him it was me he never wrote back.. i know no one can tell me whats going on but i need to know what to do..im confused 1
  8. well I like him, but not to a wild extent ya know? We talk at work, and he flirts with me, I would say we are rather comfortable around each other but then again I feel kind of bad for getting his number from another person then texting him
  9. Hey Unknown, I am going thru the same thing as you! I too am black, I am 18 years old and I have the whitest voice around. People don't like talking to me because they hate the sound of my voice and black people (boys and girls) keep away from me because they think im (whitewashed) or not black enough. I would say just try to accept urself but being that I am going thru the same thing I know that's not always the easiest thing to do. Hang in there and if u need someone to talk to i'm here, hehe I need ppl to talk to myself! lol
  10. Hey guys, do u find it scary for a girl to get ur number from someone and call/text u? Let me know how u feel about that
  11. I have known him for about 4 weeks to a month. It seems like a lot longer though. Yeah we flirt all the time. He is really nice and we talk about all kinds of things, only perk is he's 17 and im 18 so im not to keen on actually trying something with him just wanted to know if he liked me. I would be scared to be with him being 18 and him a year younger.
  12. Merry Christmas everyone! I have a question nothing really serious just curious to know... theres a guy I work with and the day before christams eve I was talking to him and I told him I wanted a belly ring for christmas. He bought one for me and brought it to work the next day. I find it very weird that he 'actually' went out and bought one for me. lol does ne one think this is a sign he may like me or just a friendly token of christmas cheer?
  13. ok, I have always had a self-esteem issue. It gets so bad that I cry when I look in the mirror. I hate the way i look, and I know u cant change the way you are but you can change the way you feel about ur self. It hurts so bad, because on top of all of this I have never had a "real" boyfriend before. I'm afaid i scared guys away with the way I look. Sometimes I wake up just as excited as can be, and others I wake up, sad and having a glum out look on life that makes me want to lash out on others. My mom is often the main target, I catch attitudes with her all the time, yell at her, all types of stuff and this is only because of the way I feel within myself! I need someone who can help me overcome my self esteem issue. I also compare myself to other girls every single day. thre hasnt been a day where I dont lookm at other girls and say OMG look at her and look at u u should be ashmaed ur even alive! Lets face it looks are everything is a world full of shallow individuals! How Can I not pay attention to looks and nothing but looks?
  14. Well okay, there was this boy that I liked... I guess I only knew him for about 3 weeks to a month and today I told him i liked him... He smiled and told me he was glad that i told him but that he had to figure stuff out because tons of girls told him that they liked him. At this point, I wont be hurt by his actions because Im used to being hurt by guys, I mean all the other girls that told him they liked him have known him much much longer than me! So I am in a strange position. But all stuff aside I am glad I let it out! Now what do I do? Do I wait or move on? Any advice?
  15. Ok.. yeah.. I have posted in this forum a million times! So what.. Sue me, I'm just as confused as any of the other girls and guys that post and am looking for advice, and for those who post yes this is about the same guy I have written about the last ten times lol but I need to know how to casually ask him out as in invite him over and talk to him... many people say just do it but is there a way to ease into it, or better yet find a way to get both of us alone to talk to him? I need help! I really like this guy and havent really had many boyfriends, some advice that could potentially put me in a good situation would make me really appreciative! thanx in advance
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