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Do girls like guys that are often surrounded by other women?

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Alright girls, do you find a guy more attractive if he is constantely surrounded by lots of other girls, or would that be more of a turn off? A lot of guys say it makes girls like a guy more when they see a guy that hops circles with a bunch of different girls.

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giggle snort laugh BWHAHAHAHAHAAAA!


now wait a minute...you actually believe that???? c'mere I have a love potion to sell you, cheap...along with a bridge in the sahara desert.


what attracts a girl to a guy is who HE is..not who the heck he is with.


If you are having a hard time dating, you have to figure out what it is about your aproach, your look, your personality that may be the problem...not inserting yourself into a circle of girls.


Girls aren't looking to "compete" for a man...they want a guy to like them for them - and be faithful, honest & caring.


Quite possibly, if you surround yourself with girls all the time. you could get considered to be A) only a flirt b) possibly gay c) not interested in anything serious d) a guy who is just trying to attract attention to himself...

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I am in no way saying that i chill with lots of girls in order to get or make other girls jealous. I just like to talk to lots of different girls to just kind of "see whats on the menu" if you will. How else are you supposed to find the best one? I was only asking this question because a couple buddies of mine were talking about it and wondered if it would actually benefit you in the way of attracting other women as well as seeing what all is one the menu.

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Why would a girl want a guy that surrounded by a bunch of girls? I would be asking myself what kind of guy he was? not a very loyal one...I presume!


What if he didnt have a girlfriend? He's tied to nobody correct. You cannot be loyal unless you have someone to be loyal to. verdad?

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It depends on the type of girl that is interested in him. Guys who are surrounded by females are usually seen as charming, spontaneous and other qualities that come off well in intial conversations. It has a lot to do with the girl, if she happens to like guys like that. Competition can also increase some girls interests (to know that other girls want him). As you can see from the women here most dont like that type of guy but there are also some women that do like that type of guy.

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WOW hey


This is good news. I have lots of friends who are dudes, but only a few who are girls. I always felt that was bad, and girls really like the guys who are already super good with girls, and have tons of girls who are friends.


Well I like to hear good stuff like this. I never thought about it like that!

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Lol typical guy comments to the ones that think we like it. No I personally don't it feels like we have competition and we get discouraged. Not all of us a are self confident and when we see you surrounded by pretty girls we feel as if we are no competition so we tend not to bother. Plus we get jealous and that never brings out the best in people

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As someone who has alot of girl mates....


I don't think it does put other girls off me even though some of my friends are very attractive.


But equally i don't think having only a few girl mates makes any difference either. If someone's really bothered about the sex/attractiveness your friends are - are they the sort of person you want to be going out with?


The thing is that it doesn't matter if i'm on my own with girl mates or with a mixed group or with some guy mates. Girls won't generally just walk up and chat to me - i've goto make that effort.


Am i easy and unfaithful though because i hang out with girls? definalty not!!! I mean if a girl has a lot of guy mates does that make her easy or unfaithful - no!!!

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welll..I would have to say that I find it to be a turn-off in general, but it depends. The guy I am currently interested seems to have a lot of girl (space) friends (that's a very important space!! but anytime he talks about them he always disclaims it by saying like "she's really cool...not that I'd be interested in her or anything" which I think is really funny.


In general though, probably a turn off if the girls are flirty with the guy... doesn't really matter though. Just make sure that you pay more, or a different type, of attention to the girl you like, compared to how you treat chicks that are just friends.


Cuz how the hell else are we supposed to be able to tell?

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Yeah i guess - I mean it wasn't really my choice to end up with aload of girl (space) friends it just kinda happened and i'm not going to ditch my friends because some people might find it a "turn-off"!!!


Cuz how the hell else are we supposed to be able to tell?


Well its kinda different how you act with a friend to a girlfriend - i mean you wouldnd't hold hands with a friend...


But i do know where you're coming from....


I have the same problem with girls - its all fun & games

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