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  1. Sounds genuine I'd give him another chance. If you don't you could regret it later.
  2. Be honest with the girl that's interested in you so she has no reason to call you a dogg in the future and not bashing will go on between her and her friend thereby ruining your chances with the friend. As for getting in touch with the friend... talk to her in person! Life is too impersonal these days with MSN and the net. Go up to her start up a conversation... ask her for her #, e-mail or whatever. Then proceed to setting up a date. Just when you're talking to the girl that likes you be sure to be kind. She appreciate the honesty.
  3. I think you need to consider how good of a friend you truly believe this girl to be because to me she sounnds like a right witch with a capital B. She sounds like she's using you and that is in no way fair to you. As for the "rumour" spreading I think that is a little junior high and if she does stoop to do that then you shouldn't have wanted her as a friend in the first place. Take a step back and re-evaluate your friendship with this girl. Unless she comes out with a damn good apology i think it's time to meet some new people at college... after all that's one of the best parts is it not?
  4. Could be menstral. Have you been stressed lately? Started the pill recently? Is your cycle regular? That is if u have it... 15 not sure.. if you haven't could be that you're about to start it.
  5. I'm at the age this boy is... but I'm grade 12.I see kids like this all the time. You really need to talk to the mother.. maybe get him into counseling do deal with the underlying anger he has towards his parents. He's only doing this to lash out at them and probably his resentment towards you. Take the dirtbike away perhaps that will get his attention.
  6. You're situation reminds me of the book mommy dearest? Have you read it?
  7. Yah well said. Sometimes the craziest matches last. But that's also my worry... if they do then what? I miss out. If I don't tell him these feelings are going to be like you said... in a loop so its difficult to say.
  8. Well it's good you put that out there. I think now the only thing left is to just appogize for not being there for him when it was needed but you need him now to trust that you've seen the error of your ways in your reactions and you don't like how it makes you feel either. If he has all the information about the situation you just have to let him do with it what he will. I'm sure it will work out in the end.
  9. Are you a writer? I enjoyed reading the post its creatively written. Just to add that in. If she was open to 3somes before... wouldn't she be now. And possibly introducing a new female variable into the equation could that not satisfy your need for experience? Other than that you've pretty much outruled everything. You don't want to talk to her about it, you dont want to cheat (cudos on that, I'm against cheating in all forms). Honestly... talking to her about it is what I personally would do. If she's your partner and you love and respect her and you do intend to marry her, then one
  10. Just be there for him. The problem was not only your temper but when he was stressed out and needed someone to back him up and needed his partner to be there, be his backbone equipped with words of support and love he got reemed for it. He might not have come out and said "i need you" but he deffinetly didn't need that. Just give him time.
  11. The fact that he said there is still hope is a good thing. He needs space BUT i think it would be wise to tell him what you explained in this post and WHY you actually blew up and why there was all that negativity. Tell him how YOU feel about the relationship and how you wish it were progressing more and how that and the fact that you are frustrated and possibly alcohol was an influence (wasn't really specified) snowballed into like you said a boiling point. You can only swallow feelings for so long until your upchuck reflex kicks in. Knowing this might help him realize you're not ov
  12. E-mail= too cowardly anyway Face to face is always the better option and there's no reason to be scared. People appreciate honestly. Bad stories are only told about liars not "Gosh I hate so and so so much the told me the truth right to my face!" You'll be fine and you'll feel tres better afterwards. And cudos for not just going out with him when you were unsure that would have been wrong.
  13. I'm having a similar issue as well ie. My Post. It truly does suck when friends turn into love interests and 3rd parties are involved!
  14. You deserve someone that will return the feelings you have for them. Basic phyiscs for every action there SHOULD BE an equal and opposite reaction
  15. I'm not so sure you need to make up a story. By the conversation he is trying to get to know you but he recognizes you're shy. If you're in a conversation with him and run out of things to talk about just ask him questions about himself. Generally guys don't mind talking about themselves. That being said asking him about the weekend is a good idea. If he doesn't answer with something that could be directly responded to with "does your gf whatever whatever" and he just says oh nothing exciting, you could say, oh well don't you have someone specialy you could have gotten together with? If he
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