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Please rate these two poems: Fear and Mr. Lucky


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Do not come closer

For it shall come

A fear not seen

But one know for it has been


Long has it slumbered

In it's tireless wake

Feeding of the weak

Like eating a steak


It is darkness all around

Evil in its wake

Nothing can stop it

For it is invincible I take


As I see it coming

I tremble in fear

A loud noise is heard

One I do not wish to repeat


A bang is sounded

I am hit to the ground

The fear steps out

I look with not knowing how things will turn out


It steps in front of me

Waiting to see

If I am hurt

So it can feast on me


Then I close my eyes

And the world goes away

My life was pointless as a deer

As the hunter drives away…




Mr. Lucky


Today was a fine day indeed

I found 20 dollars on the street

Got a kiss from a girl who I did just meet

Because I'm Mr. Lucky


I got a promotion at my job

I won a car, a Viper, sweet!

Didn't get wet in the rain as I walked and talked

Because I'm Mr. Lucky


I got an A on my test

I made new friends, it's the best!

Won free tickets to a show!

Because I'm Mr. Lucky


Didn't picked on by the bullies

Got more scoops of ice cream by a man named Louie

I was given brand new clothes

Because I'm Mr. Lucky


I went to an expensive college one day

I applied and new I'd get in, while people would say: hoorah!

Yet I didn't get in and was sad

Because I'm not Mr. Lucky


Please tell me what you think!

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