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Girls coming on to guys

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.... hmm.. what's "come onto". Like... jump them for sex and make out? ... if they're my bf, daily. if they're not, never.


"come onto" as in show interest in them and say "you're hot" or something like that? never.



btw, Cowboy Bebop's awesome!

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I've had a few women actually approach me and show an interest, if that's what you mean "come on to". It's not something that happens all the time, but everynow and then a girl will do it (it might be a confidence thing). When I met my g/f 2 years ago, she was the one that actually initiated the conversation, and I just picked up on the notion that she was interested, asked her out, and we've been together ever since then (except for a 3 week break recently).

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Once for me... recently.... she invited me to a party and got me drunk and took advantage of me..... i was kinda freaked out in the morning... but it was awesome... hoping it will happen again....


I'd watch out for girls that tend to do this too often with you, since they will be doing the same with a few other people. Believe I speak from experience. At first it was all cool and stuff, having a few girls "take advantage" of me during a drunk or stoned state of mind, but after a while it got old, and a bit disgusting. Especially when I found out most of those girls were doing the same thing to about 5 different guys as well, which made me feel really gross. Unless this girl is showing interest in you, and only you, I'd be weary the next time she invites you to a party or somthing that will have booze around. Just some food for thought.

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So far only a couple of girls have apporach me, one tired to let her put up a sign that wasn't allowed by saying some things that would be censored here. But for the most part girls older than me seem to make them selves more friendlier and apporachable for the most part. And if your wondering if I do anything when this happens I don't I just give a non firting simile if they give me one and some times if they flirt I flirt back.

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I've definitely approached guys I'm interested in. I approached my last serious boyfriend in fact. He had a cast on his leg, so I went up to him and said, "Let me guess: snowboarding!" I was right, and we struck up a conversation.


However, I lately haven't approached guys that much, because I'm starting to get the sense that many guys look down on that, and prefer to do the chasing. I hope I'm wrong, because I'm really outgoing and I don't mind actually doing the initial talking.

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I think it takes a lot of confidence for a girl to approach a guy, and I find it sexy. But I must know that she's doing it because she's interested. If a see her approaching a bunch of different guys on several occasions, then it's obvious she has ulterior motives under her sleeve.

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I just wana say, girls coming onto guys is like...the best...is makes life SOO easy. I bet guys say no to girls half as often too, cause girls always seem to be better at reading us. Anyway...girls who like guys JUST ASK i bet youll be happy ( but dont hit me if your not k? )

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"Come Onto" can mean many different things. But for me, it's happened Twice.


First time, took a girl to a movie. I honestly didn't think anything was happening between us, but when I dropped her off at her friends' house after, I got a kiss. This means a lot to me, as I don't normally get kissed! That girl later became my very first girlfriend


Second time, going to a pub one town over with some new friends. My friend and his date were up front, me and the "new girl" who I kinda liked at the time were in the back. She was a "Big" girl (tall, voluptuous, not fat) which I also like. In an effort to make herself comfortable in my buddies tiny car, she wound up with her head and shoulders in my lap looking up at me. This is an obvious setup. We shared the first kiss a few moments later. I remember thoughts running through my head at the time..... Should I or shouldn't I? This is such a perfect setup!

So, technically on that one, she didn't make the first move, but she made a perfect setup.

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