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Im a shy person i dont know what to say...please help

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Ok...I like this girl i go to school with..I can see very few sighs of her liking me but they are still sighs. Whenever i hang out with her i seem to freeze up because i don't know what to talk about. My other friends know her pretty good but always seem to just make fun of her. Thats really all they ever do. I dont wanna make fun of her but i dont really know what to say. Im also afriad of what i say and what the people in the room will think after i say somthing. This girl is really all i think about, just like every minute of the day, it makes my day just to talk to her or get a smile on her face. So could somebody please give me advice on what to say to this girl.


P.S. what im really worry about is if i get borin with what i talk about.

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There is nothing wrong with making fun of her, but if you do it, also make fun of yourself. Someone who can laugh at themself is very attractive.


Otherwise, ask her questions. You don't need to tell her things to make her feel the right way, you need to listen to her and look at the area near her eyes when you listen.


If you know somethings in which she is interested, learn about those things, then ask her questions about it. For isntance, if she wanted you and knew nothing about your favorite sport, but then went and learned and asked you, you would like it. You would enjoy telling her more. She will want to talk to you more, if you listen well and get her to talk about what excites her.

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First off man, take it easy. The line that's bolded says it all - you lack self-confidence. You're going to have to believe in yourself more before you seriously consider making a move. Also, the more you think about her the more you'll feel like bursting. Try to distract yourself in school or some hobby or something. Let her see that you have an active life that doesn't revolve around her or any girl. Don't depend on a girl to be happy. When you feel comfortable, make a move, and if she rejects you, just move on. Try to establish rapport with her for the time being before considering a "relationship."

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First of all, don't worry about what other people think. As long as you are happy with who you are, that's what is important. Self confidence is something you need to have, not just when it comes to relationships but with life in general. The less you think about other people judging you and the more you think about being proud of yourself, the easier time you will have. Confidence also is an attractive quality to have and will help you be more interesting to girls.


If you are concerned with sounding boring then think about your interests and hobby. Is there something special you have in common with this girl that you can talk to her about? If you two share a common interest than that will at least give a starting point for the conversation. You can also just ask simply getting to know you questions like where she is from or if she's traveled someplace interesting. Show her that you are interesting in getting to know her.


I wouldn't make fun of her. If she can clearly tell that it's just joking around then I guess it would be okay. But she may also be impressed by someone who is more of a gentleman.

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Don't get too caught up in thinking what to do or say. I know it sounds awkward but in time, when you feel more relaxed and your mind is clear, the right words will come. I don't really have much else to add since I would be repeating what the posters above me have already said, but in all, just be confident in yourself and your ability and I guarantee it will make you happy in the end.

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