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Ok so could this get any worse then it already is for me in the past 8 months?Well lastnight my friend and I were hanging out and decided to get a bite to eat at a store nearby,Well my friend asked to use my telephone so she could call her friend to see what she was doing well as she was on the phone and while I was ordering my food inside she must have been talking to a few people out front of the store and my ex had called well she accidentley hit the button did not say hello and the phone was on the whole time,Well now my ex heard dudes in the back ground and thought that I was talking to a bunch of guys partyin or what not and I was not,So to go on with this he wont talk to me he is being rude to me like I did something wrong and I def did not....We were together for 2 1/2 years and broken up for about 7-8 months now I love him with all my heart and the past few months I have been going over there we basically talk everyday and now I am so down because he dont want to talk to me anymore all because he heard guys in the background that was not even with us me and my girl,Well I dont know what to do we have been broken up awhile but I still love him and wish more then anything thing's can work out,I dont understand this whole situation really all I know is he is really mad at me,What do I do?I dont want to lose complete contact with the person I am in love with,But I also dont want to get walked over and treated like dirt,I am stuck in the middle because I feel so lost and confused,He told me to leave him alone and not call for something he took the complete wrong way,I understand im single but I am also in love with him,I am 21 years old so I do try to get out with the girls and stuff to have fun because of the breakup and me being so down,He is 25 years old and I dont understand what is going on can someone please help me let me know there opinions tell me things I can do or give me there advice on why he is doing this to me?I cant fully let him go he is my heart..What now he dont want to talk to me and more then anything in the world I do not want to lose him WHAT IS GOING ON????????I am so sorry I needed to vent I am stressed and down and becoming very sad over this even though I did nothing wrong.SORRY SO LONG BUT SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME OUT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN??I am beginning to feel like I am losing him for good and that is the last thing I want thanks so much in advance

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hello ang3l2004


there is nothing you can really do to make him listen if you try to talk it out with him.


maybe it would be best to email him or write a letter and tell him exactly what was happening, do not wait for replies to him it's enough that you have justified yourself


good luck

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He is 25 years old, he should be mature enough to believe you. On what grounds did you split up? Maybe you hurt him a lot, and his reaction is merely a sign of pain than really about this event.


I would call him, try to get him to have a coffee with you and tell him what you told us.


Keep in touch,



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Ok first of all, if you miss your ex? then why did you breka up?

do you still love him? or want anything to with him? look if anything you should try your best to see him even if he doesnt want too. Ok sometimes a little hard slams make a guy realize things. and sometimes you need to be pushed to the edge. But from the tone of your letter it sounds like you want to get back together. And that is nice. If anything talk it out dont call him or email him becuase im a guy and that stuff dont work. Look for him try to see him. Trust me sometimes it makes a bigger impact when its in person.

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