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Would a guy be happy if this happened?

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Hi everyone,


Well this is my situation, This past thursday i met someone at a party and we hit it off really good. He offered to walk me home and he did and after that he asked me for my number. We both didnt have our phones with us so i verbally gave it to him, but the thing was that its an out of state number since im an out of state student at a universtiy so it was pretty long to memorize. He tried repeating it to me but he was like... "wow dont know if i can memorize that..."


I was kinda stuck in a stupid moment where i coulda gone into my apartment and wrote it down but i was just a bit shocked that he asked me out so i didnt think about it at the time (plus i was tired and it was a long night of partying) So we left it hugging and said our goodbyes.


Now its a couple of days later, and im realizing that really do want to go out wiht him and wanting to kick myself in the butt for not offering to give him a physically written number. My friend knows how to get his number for she is in the greek system as he is too.


Now my question for you guys: If you were to ask a girl out only to not really get her number, and she later finds a way to contact you maybe like a few days to a week later would you be weirded out if she did or would you be happy that she found a way to get in touch with you??

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actually yeah i can have that done too, i was contemplating whether to have my friend call him up and say "hey i know you wanted her number last time and she's interested so here's her number"


See but my friend doesnt know him directly she just has the greek system directory lol... so do you think he'd feel weirded out? or happy that he did get my number and knows i am interested?

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I met a girl with her boyfriend in a shopping mall one day. She was pretty hot...she was a skinnier version of Hillary Duff.


After a few months gone by, a friend of mine said he had a surprise in his car for me...so i went out there and there was that girl. She hunted me down. She asked everybody if they knew me(which wasn't too hard). I ended up dating her for a couple of months. I have to admint I was flattered that someone put that much effort into tracking me down.


Down here in Florida...woman give you their business cards. Just so impersonable. You know they hand it out to every john, bob and harry.


Just go for it.


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hehe its good to have a guys opinion, yeah well i was pretty hesitant at first to give him my number bc lets face it i need that time to "think about it" and really decide if i want to, so it was hard to just say hey okay sure here u go!


But after much thinking i want to go out with him, soo i guess its a good to go thing?

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