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I finally had to cajones, to ask this girl out to coffee in one of my classes. We had only talked once before... but we would always make some long eye contact.


Anyways...I was gonna ask her out to coffee, but prefaced the question with...are you dating anyone right now....well she is....and i think i mighta freaked her out now. I didn't like how her body language was, it was like "OMG I think I need to hurry up and go". She was ready to bolt the other way after I had asked


LoL...I feel so thinking about it right now. Only a couple more weeks of school.


This is the first time i've ever been "denied." Feel like I need to skip class now and bury my head somewhere. That's not good...so how do I make the situation less awkward now in class? I sit right by her.


LoL..this is not a good start to single life...with the first crush I have had since my ex broke up our 5 year relationship.

oh well...it's good to know at least...all this makes life fun and interesting.

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Yeah sounds like you might've freaked her out a little bit. Not sure what to say except to move on man. It sometimes takes a thousand tries until you find the right girl. I wouldn't ask if you're dating anyone but I don't think it would hurt to just go up to a girl and introduce yourself to her (funny how I say that but never do it, LOL). Good luck in the future.

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Dude just be normal to her in class, act like it never happened. You win some, you lose some, you know? Don't let a situation like that get the best of you, be proud that you had the guts to say something to her, just fine tune your approach next time.


When she said she was dating someone you could have said "Whats your man got to do with me?" lol


I know how it is man being back in the dating game after a hiatus man, I just got played 3 weeks ago by my gf of 2 years. I met this new girl last weekend and got her number, and we keep talking after I get the number and she says she has a lot of guy friends and she's really busy all the time. I was thinking to myself "Then why the hell did you give me the number" Oh well, looks like we are both starting are at square one again Rapid.


Have another high life for me.

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I was just joking around. That would be sad to go drink because of that....


I just feel embarrassed for whatever reason.... I really don't want to be in class with her on Tuesday now. LOL. Thankfully next week is a short week with Thanksgiving.


Thanks for the advice iceman. It's a rush though...been so long since i've been in the game.

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You are welcome for the advice, anytime.


Well, as you get comfortable dating again, the embarrassment will lessen. School is a good place to meet girls, and there are plenty more of them there.


I know what you mean about it being a rush. Its funny because now I am older I look at dating now that I am single and I'm like "oh man, here we go again".

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