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Perfect date??


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Ok, this is what i usually do on a normal date, just wanted to know if it is very good. Of course you gotta buy nice flowers for her not thoes cheep ones, first question is i have a newer truck and a 66 mustang, i usually take the mustang but i feel that it may infulence the way a girl will feel about me. Next i take her out to a itallian dinner , for the first date it is always the same restarant because its nice and i like to have my dates planned out. Next (and i always feel skectchy about this part) i will take here to a place down by the river, its kinda out there, i feel like the girl may feel uncomfortable out there because there are alot of bad people in our city. Also i built a fire pit out there. If we don't stay there, i usually will take here to a movie at 11:00pm, but is a movie theater better than goting to my house? I never do anything with her on the first date just hugging and casual touching. Will most girls get turned off by this at 19 years of age? All the normal stuff is incorperated with all this, opening doors, pulling out seats and pushing her in, paying for dinner. Bascially as it says above, am i too much of a gentelmen with my actions.


PS: most girls are satisified with this but sometimes i feel they are after money and not a relationship.

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First dates should be short & sweet and make the girl feel comfortable. On a first date I would do the dinner and maybe a movie *but movies are not great places to talk on first dates*, but not do the fire, or go back to your place. You want to make them feel good, and leave them wanting more. There are tons of other date ideas too, but since you said you like the dinner thing, I'll go with what you gave me...don't do the fire or your place first date. For the flowers, if you really like to give flowers on first date, do it...but do something really simple - bigger is not better. And be original, like some tulips in spring, or a couple beautiful gerbas - you do not need to go overboard or big to make a statement.


And take whatever car you like, personally I think a 66 Mustang would be pretty cool, but I never care...I have gone on dates with guys with no cars, beaters, brand spanking new SUV's..whatever. It's about the guy, not the car.

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I agree that simple is better...and I think that going somewhere where you can talk and get to know each other is the best idea. How can you find out what someone is really like if you are just sitting next to her watching a movie? I really don't think the car thing matters...take whichever vehicle you want...I also agree with RayKay on avoiding the place down by the river...I think that's an awesome thing to do once you're in a relationship but if I didn't really know a guy and he took me to a secluded place, I'd be a little worried...I don't think there's any way of being "too much" of a gentleman...Anygirl would appreciate a guy that treats her as nicely as you do...just don't let her take advantage of your money...save the really nice things for later in your relationship when you know she likes YOU, not the fact that you have money.

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lol DBL... I concur about the flower thing. I think gifts are best reserved for much later on, when something more tangible has been established.


No offense, but I also think the trip to the river may be too much for a first date.


Instead of a movie, why not visit a classy pub, bar or lounge that plays music, but allows you to hold a conversation with your date?

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Flowers on a first date? I always just thought me showing up was good enough. I may bring flowers on a second or third date


So you take girls out and take them through the same routine of flowers, dinner, river, movie?




DBL...I burst out laughing at your post. However, I do agree that flowers on the first date are a bit much, HOWEVER, they would be absolutely charming on the second or third date.


To the OP, I do agree that you should mix it up a bit, because you don't want the girls to catch on this is your routine! However, I think the firepit/river idea is REALLY COOL. I would be impressed if a guy did that, but then I'm an outdoors kind of female.

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