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The Mustache: a question.


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I know the debate over facial hair and it's attractiveness has been brought up quite a few times. This time however it is more a question of why is a mustache so attractive?


A little background. I have a nice handlebar mustache, nothing spectacular in my humble opinion. I am used to the occasional "envious" comment from men and the occasional "Oh wow love your mustache" from women. However this last weekend at a living history event that I participated in I had more than a dozen women of all ages ask to touch and curl my mustache, just out of the blue they would ask to lay hands on it.


So what makes the mustache so fascinating? I'm not the handsomest fellow out there, so there is something about the stache that I don't understand and really would like clued in.

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As a guy I can only speculate as to why ladies might like a moustache. so here goes!


I think that we all (both men and women) are programmed to see facial hair as a "manly" thing. Look at people like Hulk Hogan and Mr T - Would they look quite so manly being clean shaven?


While a beard may be "manly" and "strong", it isn't really what you'd call sophisticated, it's just a mass of hair you've allowed to grow on your face really. Whereas a moustache (or any groomed facial hair style, like a goatee) shows that you take at least some care of your personal appearance. And I think most men can appreciate that a moustache is actually a fair amount of work! I grew one for Movember and I was surprised at how much care I had to take of it. I was also surprised at how much I liked it! I'd have liked to be able to grow a handlebar like yourself, but I can't I get a nice Burt Reynolds style growth on though, and am actually growing it again But I digress


As wolflovesmoon says, it shows confidence. A moustache is an old fashioned thing (although I'd say they are making a comeback) and not every person in this day and age would feel comfortable showing theirs off. Also as I'm sure you know, the intermittent little while between clean shaven and full on moustache can be pretty embarrassing, while it's all thin and stuff, and that in itself shows not only boldness, but dedication.


To summarise, I'd say that fellow guys can appreciate a good moustache and appreciate the care you take of it, whereas the ladies like how "rugged" they make us look but can also appreciate that it shows us men do actually take pride in our appearance.

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Surely it's just personal preference? Some women like moustaches, others don't. The fascination may be something to do with the fact there aren't many guys that rock the moustache look.


Personally, I can't stand moustaches or beards. Stubble on the right guy, though? Oh yes.

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I haven't noticed mustaches being in anymore. Unless this is about middle aged people.


Beards are now a big thing with guys around my age.


I on the other hand can't grow anything other than peach fuzz. LOL


I think they're making a comeback with the "hipster" crowd who seem to like dressing up as if they were an extra on Gangs Of New York. Beards are definitely a big thing with guys these days though!

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I don't think Hipsters go for the handlebar style though. Look up Justin Hawkins of The Darkness, his current (and impressive) facial hair matches what most hipsters (try to) grow.


I suppose you could think of facial hair as our version of the ladies' make-up etc.

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Mustaches are not hot - at least not to me. They remind me of creepy dudes from the 70s with bad rugs. But if you have an antique looking handlebar mustache it might be something where I admire your achievement in growing and maintaining it. I would imagine it would be hipster girls who were attracted to it - or women who are into historical reenactments? I don't know it if would get you women - but it would give you an ice breaker that is for sure. And yes, I have seen many a handlebar mustache with or without a beard on hipster guys who wear hats or suspenders that they think are ironic.

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