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Should I ask my exbf to be my FWB?


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So I dated my (ex)boyfriend for 3 years before breaking up with him 5 months ago because we grew apart and he has anxiety issues that he refused to confront and I couldn't deal with our stressful/volatile relationship anymore.


Anyways, we barely talked during our breakup.. and a few days ago I responded to one of his "hey" texts that he sometimes sends and we've been texting casually. I'm not interested in pursuing a long-term relationship with him right now because I dont want a serious bf anytime soon. Anyways, the point is... I miss sex.. and I cant have sex with any random person.. my ex was my first and only.

We are both 21.


Would it be ok to propose FWB? He is still in love with me, I care for him deeply and I probably love him deep down but I dont want to date him anytime soon. I just want the intimacy and sex again.. lol





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The FWB thing only works once you have matured emotionally and are able to see sex as just sex and not allow for any emotional involvement.


Its a very clinical thing whereby you are attracted to the person you are doing it with but you cannot allow yourself to feel anything for them emotionally or romantically. It wouldnt work out for either of you seeing as I dont think either of you will be able to cope with that.


Basically FWB means you have sex, fulfill your (and his) needs then leave. No cuddling and no asking whats on their mind or what they are thinking. No intense discussion about whats going on in their lives either. Also, if one party starts to see someone else you should stop the arrangement immediately.


I think you should forget about this. Its not fair to either of you. Stay with him or move on

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