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What is she saying?


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Hi. First I would like to apologize in advance if my english is not good because it is not my first language.

Okay. My girlfriend dumped me january and I pretty much did everything wrong, begging, pleading and so on. Last week, she called me to tell me to come pick up my things. I went and I'd already set it in my mind to just pick it up and leave. However, I became weak and we got a little conversation going. We went for ice cream and talked a little bit. She said that she didnt expect me picking up my things would take a couple hours. She said she still loves me but is not in love with me. She said basically the only feeling she has for me is lust. I didnt want to over think anything so i just thought maybe she misses the physical attraction, the hugs, holding hands, wrapping my arms around her when sleeping, and all those other googly eyed crap.

After that, I went into no contact. Or at least trying to start it until she called again at 8:30ish in the morning two days ago. This time, she called asking if I'm still going to take our pet dog to the vet for her regular check up and that I should pick up my mail. By this time, I've read a lot of info that when an ex contacts you, never talk about the past unless she brings it up, dont ask for a second chance, basically let her do the talking, and keep the convo short. I did all the above except kept it short. She went on and on then she said her brother tells her that he misses me. She also said that her brothers wife tells her that us breaking up reminds her of when they used to break up and got back. Then she jokingly said that I might find her stalking my house to come see me. I told her that'll be creepy and she said yeah right, you know you would like it. I replied honestly, that would be creepy.

Anyway, I apologize again for my grammar and a very long story. Just trying to get as much info out there so you would know the situation I guess. My ex girlfriend and I would've been together almost six years this april. We lived together for at least four and a half years. Im 25 and shes 23 now.

I feel way better than I did the first two weeks after the break up.

Well, so can anyone tell me, is she saying something? Or maybe I'm just over thinking it. Thank you very much for your responses and God bless from Hawaii...

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It sound like she doesn't want a relationship with you but wouldn't mind if you continued to boink her and that is what she is setting you up for. If you still have any residual feelings for her or you actually want her to be your gf again then I'd highly recommend that you don't have a non-committed sexual relationship with her. Particularily if you do cave,don't be hugging, kissing, cuddling and doing anyother bonding rituals with her because you will be hurt all over again when she dates other guys while boinking you.


Ask her outright if she would like to be your gf again. (if thats what you would like) If she says no then why bother even being her friend so she can have your attention until she finds someone she wants to be a gf to?


Casual sexual relationships often turn out poorly if one has romantic feelings while the other does not.

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The last phone call was two days ago. I made the mistake of staying on the phone too long with her. Almost 20 minutes. And out of all those 20 minutes, only only or two minutes was something I brought up. She brought up different subjects too. If she decides to come back, then I dont know...

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