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ladies, what is your perfume of choice?


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which perfume have you found gives you the best response around guys? i was thinking of getting someone a nice fragrance, but i don't know what she'd like. the problem is that she wears the less expensive perfumes like tommy girl and so on right now. i'm thinking of getting her Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior or Allure by Chanel, but i dont know how she'd react to them.


and while you're at it, let me know which cologne you find most attractive on a guy. thnks



ps. Empathy if you're reading this, i smelled Versace Woman and that's great too . and yes, i'm still alive. i'll IM you soon

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Vanilla is such a good scent! oN AnYoNe! ViCtOrIaS sEcReT is the way to go!!! Eiiither....Well you cant go wrong with any of their scents...They all are so Delicious smeeling!...Heavenly smells so good...or Amber romance


All the ones you names smeel exelent as well...Gucci smells really good if you wanna get her a expencive perfume....I LOVE THAT SMELL..



A mens cologn...I Love "Pimp" and Gadzooks! Calive clien CrAvE is sooo Good on a guy! woo..lol


Here...there was a topic on this before..


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I'm not exactly sure what the name is exactly but I do know that it comes in a clear bottle with blue-turquois writing and cap. Im not exactly sure how different kinds Ralph Lauren makes but i'm pretty sure that its the most popular one.


Calive clien CrAvE is sooo Good on a guy


I've heard that this is alright. HOWEVER, Aqua de Gio is in my opinion my absolute favorite. Its what I wear and have been wearing it for 8 years now. I started when nobody wore it. Now tons of other guys where it and it kinda ticks me off since I felt like I had something good and no one else did and now everyone wears it. SORRY, I JUST FELT LIKE I HAD A PERFECT OPPORTUNITY TO VENT THERE. It doesnt come often. Later

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I think you're talking about Ralph or something like that. My co-worker loves that scent.


I like Alfred Sung's Sui, Elizabeth Arden's 5th Ave, Armani's Sensi, Elizabeth Arden's Tea Leaf. I usually don't wear perfume, when I do, it depends on the mood of the day. I don't wear perfume when I'm just me. Tea leaf when I'm upset, Sui when I'm happy, 5th Ave when I'm flirty, and Sensi when I feel cuddlely.


bf said not wearing perfume, sui, and sensi are all turn on for him. 5th Ave smells too dreamy so he doesn't like it, and tea leaf smells cold and distant. I think he likes warmer smells though.


As of other guys, I don't know what they like or don't like on me. I never cared enough.

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acts12, i know what u mean abt Di Gio. everyone wears it now. i have a bottle but i havent worn it in months cuz it's so popular. btw, pm me if u want a list of colognes that'll get u the ticket to babe heaven. diff colognes for diff places: clubs, office, casual wear.. etc

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L'eau par Kenzo. My favorite! Definitely Kenzo! My ex loved it when I wore it.


Also, Lancome- millennium Rose. Nice fragrance, but it's a limited edition.


For a guy, I would have to say...I honestly like it when a guy wears deoderant alone. Calogne kinda gives me a headache. I have more of a tolerance for perfume. At least it has a lighter scent.


One more thing, if you want to spoil her, then consider stopping by at Bath & Body works. Pick up the Cotton Blossom collection (lotion & body spray). It's my favorite from B&B, and it's not too expensive. Kenzo's about $35 for a small bottle, I think. You can find it at Sephora. Have fun shopping for her perfume!

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oh i love this topic


i like fleur and l'eau par kenzo, white mat by matsaki matsushima (my most favorite, very light), intense by hugo woman, ibiza hippy by escada, jadore dior by CD

but i wear perfume regardless waht it means or what people think. i like the smell, i buy it. sorry cant help about it


for guys, definitely ralph lauren!!

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I smelt "Curious" at the store and I have to admit, it wasnt that bad.. .the perfume was nice, but the body wash and the lotion they had was sick!!! I wouldnt buy it.. but it was alot better then what I was expecting...


I have ONLY by Givenchy.. from my experiences this past year its VERY hard to find.. but now I have 3 more bottles of it...


I dont have the correct words to describe it but its a very light and fresh scent and my bf dies when he smells it.. He always goes on how awesome I smell....


I like Deep Red by Hugo Boss as well.... The Diesel perfumes are nice too...

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I like to wear Chanel Coco Mademoiselle and I've had compliments from both men and women. It's a bit fruity, soft and classy...and ohhhh soo yummy.


I'm sure the saleslady would be very happy to help you choose something that is appropriate for her age based on what you know of her taste.


For men I don't have a preference but something I don't like is a soft scent. I want to close my eyes and KNOW I'm out with a man. I don't like it when a man smells sweeter than me

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Anyone ever heard about Kiton? It is awsome. I can't remember who it is by tho.....


I usually wore Dune by Christian Dior, but it eventually became too heavy for me. It is very spicey. I now wear DKNY or Happy by Clinique. Smells like orange blossoms and I love it.

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The only perfume I've ever worn that has got tons of guys to turn their heads and tell me, "You smell wonderful, what is it?", is Heavenly by Victoria's Secret. It simply brings them to their knees. And it's one that I really love because it's not too strong.


On a guy, I prefer Truth or Crave by Calvin Klein. Tommy Summer is a nice one too.

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I think anything that's Victoria Secret smells sexy! I personally wear Very Sexy by Victoria Secret and it catches attention. If I were you, I'd go to Victoria Secret and smell the perfumes there. Whichever catches your attention the most, give it a shot and buy it for her. Best of luck! I'm sure anything you get she'll be pleased with. It's the thought that counts and the fact that you're trying to please her so much says a lot about you!


Hope that helps!



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