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do you think everone has a sole mate ??


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I feel like everyone does have a soul mate that God has picked out for them, but I dont think everyone gets to that soulmate because they rely on themselves to try and force things to happen when it doesnt come naturally. And I think its a big problem and you can see it on this board.

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I don't really know, I think that there are soooo many people in this world I don't see how there is one specific "soul mate" for everyone., because if that were the case it seems like you would never feel completely fulfilled unless you were with that one person? but I don't know

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I believe that there is someone special in this world who understands us like no one else, someone we share a special unbreakable bond with. A soulmate who will be our companion through the rest of our lives, through the good times and bad. Someone who makes us a better person. The hard part is waiting until that person comes along.

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I think the problem with the whole "soul mate" thing is that too many people say that about whoever they're with because they think it never gets any better so this person must be their soul mate. The reality is, the longer you're on this earth, the more people you'll meet who can compliment you in many different ways, and how would you know that you have the most wonderful person if you don't meet a bunch of them and get to know them? I believe there are soul mates of all kinds: lovers, friends, etc. But I do believe that you are compatible with many, many people, not just one person in the world. That is too narrow-minded for me to believe.


But if it makes people feel better to believe that, then more power to them to make them feel like they've got the greatest person under the sun with them. However, this so-called "soul mate" will inevitably let them down in some way, someday, so it's not all a bed of roses. Not to be pessimistic, just realistic. No one should expect another person to make them happy or they are setting themselves up for failure. You need to rely on yourself to be your own soul mate.

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Concept of soul mate. Interesting one. A very romantic idea and concept indeed, but one that has probably caused more problems than positive outcomes. I wonder how many out there are still waiting for their so-called soulmates that will make them feel "complete"? Hehe, yes....ok. Do I believe in it or not? Not sure yet. You will be very compatible and have chemistry with quite a number of people throughout your lifetime, all perhaps on different levels, so perhaps the concept of that One Soulmate for each person is a little ridiculous in my opinion. Then again, there's the whole Twin Flames concept right? All very interesting. Believe what may make you feel better about something...that for sure is a positive input, without it getting obssessive or unhealthy for you.


Just one little thing... please dont use these concepts as an excuse for anything. I hear so many people around these days with the whole "I broke up with him cos he/she is not my soulmate". Haha...ridiculous in my opinion. "Im with him/her, but he/she is not my soulmate" (so we´ll stay in this nice and comfortable relationship, yet keep an eye open until we meet our soulmates?) hehehe. Oh yes, lets please not equate the concept of soulmates with that of a newly found attraction/infatuation/limerence, where we all seem to feel on the 7th skies in a bubble. "This feeling must be it! He/she is my soulmate". LOL.


So whether you believe it or not, please to use it as an excuse, its pretty immature and sad really.



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I do believe in soulmates, but I dont think that people are patient enough most of the time to find them because everyone always rushes everything. At the same time, I think alot of it has to do with an attitude. Some people look for reasons to break up with someone and excuses are lame. I think there is one person for everyone, but not everyone wants to think that. I think the key to the whole thing is making sure that when you are looking for a 'soulmate', that you are looking in the right places. So many good boys are trying to find their 'souldmate' in the bar. NOT HAPPENING. If you believe in soulmates and want to find one, then at least be smart about it and look in the right places. Otherwise it will be simple infatuation and then fall apart because there is no common ground over time because you were looking in the wrong places. You can only catch certain kinds of fish in certain parts of the ocean.

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i think there are loadsa people that could fall in love with each other...like in a city i think you could fall in love with like so much of the people that love there...like you could happen to meet someone in a shop and be asked out and fall in love with them, or if you happened to go to a different shop you could fall in love with that person!

so i guess i dont believe in a soul mate i didnt even notice that

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You know I don't think you are pre-destined to be with a certain someone, your not pre-destined to go to hell are you?(for those who believe in heaven and hell) What would be the point of living if you where? I feel that we all have a free will to choose, but I believe god does indeed put more than one person in this world that we could spend the rest of our lives with. And I do believe he sends them our way when he is ready and feels we are ready

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I dis-agree that you are not pre-destined to be with someone. Everybody is pre-destined, but you still make your own decisions. I dont want to get Biblical here but you can find out things about pre-destination in Romans chapter 8 vs 29. We also talk about it alot at link removed, which is linked with my name here at the bottom. But anyways, God knows what you are going to do with your decisions already. Along with the person that you are going to be with. He knew that before you were born. However, I do think, just like with Heaven and Hell that a person, can choose and make their own decisions. I think that God might have someone that would work out best for someone, but I also think that alot of people miss out on that person because they would rather do their own thing. Just like everything else in life. I dont want to get too deep here, but I think that if someone is the type to leave things up to God and if someone does believe that he is in control, then there should be know reason to worry about it if you are praying for a person and signs to go along with that. Just make sure you are tuned into what God wants for you and not necessarily what you want for you. Thats the only way to find out what He reallly would have for you. Sorry, deep but true.

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I believe in soulmates but i worry i may not find one. 3 of my aunts are in their 40's and they arent married. My parents dont have a particularly loving relationship its not bad but they are not lovey dovey and i want romance even in my 20th year of marriage. But Im an idealist. I could be setting myself up for a disaster. I tend to romaticize everything.

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