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My Boyfriend Isn't Allowed To Be 'intimate' or 'too in love' With Me


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I am a 17 year old girl. My boyfriend is 17 too. I know i am young and all to be in a relationship bu honestly, i feel like this guy is the one. Lets name my boyfriend X. Me and X have a very flirty relationship but we never really do anything out of our morale. The usual i love you, you love me, we'll be forever and sometimes the cute naughty ones too... And we text a lot. So one day i was texting X and he was taking a really long time to reply. When he did, he said that his dad read our messages together and was disappointed with him.


X said that his dad thinks im a distraction and that he should get too serious with me or too in love with me when obviously we are. He respects his parents, a trait i've always admired of him. And so he told me that he'd always love me and that he'll always be mine but we'd have to cut down on the intimacy. Okay, so there i thought, maybe his dad doesnt like all the naughty flirting... But no, what he meant was i cant text him and use sweetheart or baby and i can text i love you to him. WHAT?! Thats like his dad telling me that he wants me to not be involved with his son and just be friends (yeah right...)


I got upset, of course. But what can I do? All i can do is wait until we're both 18 and done with school. How can i treat the person i love most in my life like a regular person? What if his dad already hates me? Or he thinks im a ****ty *****


Ive never done anything i said in those flirty naughty texts. It was just for mere fun. But i guess he took it the wrong way. X is the one i want to marry, how can i face his dad now? this is all making me feel like im drowning... Advice?

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His dad is protecting his son. He's remembering what it's like to be 17 and think you know everything when you don't know much at all. He may not think you're a bad influence but he is more than likely thinking he doesn't want to see his son grow up that quickly.

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I think his dad is afraid that you and he will get much too serious and I tend to agree. When you're a teen, life should be about dating around and having fun, not trying to tie someone down at such a young age.


When a 17 year old boy is "in love" and having sex, the consequence of that could be getting your gf pregnant, having to drop out of school, years of poverty and unstable lifestyles for your own kid and possibly grandkids. It's serious stuff.


I don't blame him at all! Personally, I think he's got his son's best interests at heart.

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Ill just say it - your boyfriend may not be the one. His dad is looking at it from an adult perspective as is the rest of us. We've all been 17 when we thought the guy/girl we were with was the one. Sometimes it is true, most time it isn't. His dad probably doesn't think you are the S word but he wants a future for his son. And relationships at that age can be distracting when it comes to school work. They are also distracting in that when it comes to making decisions about his future he will make them based on you as a couple rather than what's best for him.

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