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When should i go for it?

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(Just a note i'm in 9th Grade) Hey i've been going out with this girl for about a week now...well me and her really like each other we've been saying that we're boyfriend/girlfriend ever since day 1..it wasn't just "yes we're going out" anyway we've gone to the movies a few times and we've gotten really close (i mean physically not mentally) all the time and i'm trying to figure out when the right time to kiss her is or more importantly how i'm going to go about it. Are there signs when the right time comes like body language or anything else? I didn't want to just jump in there and kiss her because i want her to kinda be ready for it so we can really make it special ya know? anyway hope you can give me some tips on this...ttyl thanks

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Well it sounds like you are well on your way to that kiss!


Wait untll a moment when she looks at you and smiles, and then lean in for the kiss. Be very gentle and no matter how the first kiss goes, smile at her afterwards.


It sounds like she is really into you, so give it a shot! After the first kiss, its all downhill from there. Make it happen and let me know how it goes!

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well, she might feel uncomfortable kissing in a movie theater. my first kiss was at an ice skating rink- it was a little strange having all those people around- but actually, it was really special


dont do it when it doesnt feel right. listen to your intuition!! and be sweet about it! i even think its cute when a guy asks if its ok to kiss a girl. depends on your style i guess

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