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Blocked on Facebook


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So I defriended an ex on FB after she broke up with me to return to her ex.


About 17 days have gone by of NC. I was thinking of writing her a note, but this morning I noticed, while typing her name into Fbook, that her profile does not appear. Nor does it appear when I log in as a different user. I've either been blocked *and* she's adjusted her privacy settings so only she can add people as friends and nobody can find her....or she's deleted her entire account.


Hard to say which, as she was saying how much she missed me/loved me on NYE then two days later was back with the ex, which seemed kind of unstable.


Mind you, I did nothing wrong while we were dating; she broke up with me; and while upset at the BU, I managed to wish her good luck to her and the ex (while declining the offer of staying friends).


Strange. Maybe she did it to one-up me, to get back at me for removing her as a friend; maybe she's afraid I'll find her ex and rat her out (or that her ex will see Facebook stuff); maybe she dropped off the mental ledge and deleted her entire account.

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Does it really matter? She has every right to block you. If you de-friended her, why do you care?



Exactly. There could be any number of reasons, and it might or might not be targeted at you. It's pointless speculating. If you really want to contact her (which I wouldn't advise after 17 days if you haven't been talking, but that's your call) you presumably have other ways of doing so.

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If you deleted her as a friend you did well. It will help you to move on. If she has blocked you maybe she wanted to get one up on you. But you should start trying to think about what you think and how you feel and not her. Because you can change how you think and feel but you have no control over her.

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