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I want to ask her out but am conflicted by recent lack of communication.


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I've liked a girl for a couple years. We've been talking since October but unfortunately she had a boyfriend until November, which has kept me from making a move so far. We used to talk all the time but over the past few weeks we've talked a lot less.


By chance I ended up with 2 tickets to a sports game coming up, she loves the sport so I think it would be a great 1st date. I started a conversation but she was at work, so I just apologized for the interruption and told her to message me later. No response.


I really want to ask her to go with me, but I feel hurt that she hasn't responded to me. Although this is relatively baseless I have a suspicion that she might have got back together with her ex, or someone else, but again no proof of that.


I'm not sure if I'm over thinking things or if her not responding to me is actually something I should be upset about. Do i still ask her out?



Thanks for your time

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If you didn't bring up the tickets during the conversation, she probbaly just got busy at work, and you are over interpreting it.


I would just tell her that you have an extra ticket to the game - you know she likes that sport so would she like to go. If she goes, though, and you have been talking to her for a few months WHILE she has had a boyfriend, then she may or may not think you are asking her on a date. She may think you are asking as a friend.


BUT if you really want to know if she would consider dating you and want to cut to the chase, ask if she would like to go out sometime with you. If she says yes, then ask her to the game. If she says "no, I have a boyfriend" then don't ask her to the game. Get a male buddy to go with you or give the tickets to friends.

This way, you won't be heartbroken when she goes to the game and considers you a friend. After all - you couldn't be more than that all this time.


PS: Why were you texting and getting to know a girl who had a boyfriend?

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