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Should I ask her questions?


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Met this girl just over a month ago and we really conected well. She said she wanted to date me and I wanted to date her so three weeks in I ask her out and she said yes, but two days after she said she wasnt ready to date yet cause it was too soon and she just got out of a relationship. She doesnt have feelings or talks to her ex. She said she can see us dating in the future but since she said she want ready to date her texting has been different, like she stopped calling me babe or sweetie and she doesnt send cute texts anymore, so should I be worried? We just hungout this week and it went well, we hold hands and kissed. I think things will work out but get worried cause of my past of getting hurt. Should I ask her why her texting has changed? Should I ask questions about our future? Or should I let it just play out?

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My gut is to play it out, and ask benign questions about her and her emotions. You are both having some degree of intimacy, so you don't have to panic on that front.


She could be confused, or worried about getting into a relationship (ie rebound). Stay the course for now and don't change your behavior until you get other signs of being friend zoned.

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