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anyone???Scorpio male-aqua female combo is always a disaster?????


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im an aqua girl...i was a good friend of this scorpio guy in my high school..I love playing with him..i used to make prank calls to him ,you know it was so much fun to do that...he came to knw it was me and got lil upset..i apologised and we became friends but did not talk much...after school got over he pinged me once on YM...started showing so much interest in me...spoke everyday for long hrs.....then came the dating zone...he was very friendly and caring ...suddenly he stopped showing up ,will not reply for text...even if i ask him out,he would act as though he was busy...i felt so bad to actually force him...and i asked him what do i do?he told he wanted a break..that broke me completely...i really liked this guy cos he was a grt buddy during scchool...he shattered my dreams..again after few months he tried patching up with me but this time i said a big NOOO...this cycle continued..and then we properly broke up...i dont know what went wrong we never spoke or tried to talk abt this ever since then..we met like quite few times then during skl meet ups...this guy spoke like he did nothing,even i acted like nothing happened..now its been so long ,im with some other guy(Gemini) and i heard hes also with some one else...it feels so light now...but im feared of any SCORPIO..even some of my friends who have dated scorpios had similar experience..what the hell is wrong with them?infact i have rejected a few guys who approached me simply because hes a SCORPIO..nothing offensive..but they are an ENIGMA ,i wish to stay away from...

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Yep, I'm a Scorpio too - in fact I share a birthday with Victoria. I'd make the observation that the most unpleasant people I've ever met have not been Scorpios. People accross the whole spectrum of astrological signs mess partners around, lie, cheat, blow hot and cold - all that.


It's got nothing to do with star sign, and a lot to do with maturity. The experiences that you and your friends have had are pretty typical of young people dating.

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Incidentally, I am a scorpio too (and I think I am a pretty decent person ) But, when I first started dating I always seemed to go Aries men and they ALWAYS broke my heart! I had planned fully, on swearing them off completely. However, I met yet another one quite a few years ago, and believe me, I cringed when I heard what day of the year he came into the world on. Now we are married and have been for 12 years! I always say I was meant to be with an Aries, I just hadn't met the "right" Aries yet

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Unlike most of those on these boards you will encounter, I believe that a large majority of people are effected by astrology. Not everyone, but many.


With this being said perhaps your signs clash. You could always find someone who your signs clash with and still have a good relationship, but I do personaly take it as a warning. Pisces and Sagittarius are suppose to clash, my sag partner and I were together for 3 years, but in the end he sighted a few reasons common to his sign and left. It was a good three years but left me heartbroken in the end. Is this bc of his sign? I believe it plays a large influence, but ultimately his choices are his own.


Jut last night my relationship with a Capricorn ended. He was very much his sign, so focused on work and dedicated to his son, he also was stereotypical in bed and in the end, in the way he broke up with me. Obviously there were other problems at hand, but in the end, his main concern was one common to his sign and he left.


Does this mean I'll never date a sag or cap again? Prob not. But it is something I'll keep in mind. Are our relationship issues caused by the planets? No, we created our own problems. But I do believe they have an influence and for many people they influence there personality.


I am still a beginner in learning astrology, I have found cafe astrology to be a very helpful source of info, google it. Reading about how Pisces handles there relationships really taught me a lot about myself. And about my past relationships as well.


I do agree that your relationship sounds common for your age, but I won't completely write off astrology bc your young.


PS- not all scorpions are bad for everyone. Pisces is actually encouraged to date Scorpio as our personalities blend well together. So even though they may not work with your sign, they work wonderfully for many others.

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