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Changed my number today...

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No more breadcrumbs for me.


It is bittersweet. A large part of me feels relief, that I no longer have a reason to obsessively check my phone, or to accept what little, if any breadcrumbs I receive. However, another part feels sad, it is finality in some sense.


I read a quote today, from Jennie Garth, the actress. She recently separated from her husband. She said: (on heartbreak)-"I just remind myself that the feeling of dieing, only lasts from 13 to 15 minutes, then I get over it."


That is where I am at, in my healing. Mostly fine, then random, painful, 15 minutes of pain. Sucks, but I am doing far better than I was almost 3 months ago.


I just have to stay strong, and not break no contact, especially now.


/end rant


My thoughts are with everyone here.

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Good job! Changing your number is a good idea. I wish I had did it so many times before but I still allowed myself to get bread crumbs and to obsess over my phone for a long time- even though I wouldn't get anything. I was the worst because I could never ignore any kind of contact he would send me. I changed my number eventually and it was so much better! It's better to just not wonder 'will I get some sort of contact one day?' If you do then you don't have to know about it. Good job!

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