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Askin her out...


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yea i think its time, i'm pretty sure she feels the same about me as i feel about her...i just want to do it the best way possible

..heres what i got so far


go to her house 1 day after school

lay on couch with her, watchin TV

when she turns and looks at me, or snuggles up to me

look her in the eyes, and ask her


sound good?

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Sound excellent man! But how will you lie on the couch with her? Will you lie down first? It might seem rude to her that you came in to her house and just took up the whole couch. Or if she lies down first and you try to lie down beside her, she might feel as if you're pressuring her to "do it". But I like your plan, would work really nice if you do it smoothly.

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