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I would just like to get second opinon (s)

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okay, I've gotten out of a two year relationship about a month to two months ago. I don't have those loving feelings for my ex anymore, so now I'm looking at other guys and being like "hmm..."


There's this one that I'm totally looking at. I met him a couple of weeks ago through my best friend, we were in the next town over and it was my birthday. We hung out all night in a big group, it was fun, and I was told to come back the next day and hang out with them. So I was happy.


So this guy calls my friend the next day, telling her to bring me over and blah blah. So she does, but he doesn't talk to me much at the beginning of the night. By the end it was a little more, and we were in a car together you know...subtly touching sides and whatnot. When I left, he asked for a hug and declared to all his friends I was beautiful, which made me laugh and blush of course


The next day, he didn't talk to me much, which kinda threw me off but I wasn't too worried about it. None of them talk much during the week, though he did call my friend and ask her to bring me back over there that weekend.


On Thursday, we go over there to hang out and me and my friend end up going out to eat with two of our other friends, leaving this guy at home. Apparently, this bothered him because he wanted to hang out with me, but his buddy told him that we didn't want him to go (totally not true but anyways..)


So that Friday we all pile up, go to a party, he's all hugging me and yadda yadda. Saturday he calls me, we talk for about an hour, then I see him later that night and again we are doing the subtly touching stuff. Sunday he calls again to make sure we are coming to hang out, and he doesn't talk to me much again. I wait two days, and called him today (Weds) and we talk for ten minutes, then he has another call and gets off the phone.


Now, when we all hang out I do catch him looking at me sometimes, and when he's talking to a group of people he does make eye contact with me a lot.


But I'm still confused?!


I dunno, I'd just like a second opinon. I know it's long, but it'd be much apperciated

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