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Possible signs that she might be interested

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Hey, I am new to these boards...I have a question that I'm sure most of you have encountered.


There are some signs that this girl I met in a class has been showing me in the past week or two that really have me intrigued.


First, my roommate goes over to her dorm room (without me knowing) and digs up some info (previous to this, I asked her on a date, and she readily accepted, but there was a little friendship misunderstanding between the girl and I earlier after that) and he finds out that she wants to get to know me, asks about my personality, and about what my hometown is like.


Second, in class, I see these little subtle signs...like playing with her hair constantly, not always directed at me, but she sits two seats away from me and there is no one between us at all. Also, she sat with her legs crossed, and her knee pointed towards me. She seems shy, but always says hey and gives me a big smile when I pass her on campus or in a building, and has good eye contact (the "lock-on" kind of contact, so to speak).


One time, when she was walking ahead of me, I flagged her down to talk to her, and she completely stopped, turned to face me, and waited for me to walk towards her, the whole time her eyes trained on me.


These might seem kinda obvious, but I just want to make sure that I'm not reading these wrong...I did ask her out last Thursday after the misunderstanding blew over...she said she would be out of town but appreciated my offer.


sorry to be long winded, thanks for any input

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i dont think that you can definatively say that she likes you, but i can say that she could possible be interested in you. It may be that she is just interested in you as a friend or it could be more. The idea is to spend more time with her and see how she responds to you, look at her actions and take note of them. She will give you some indication of her interest in you if she is infact interested.

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Good thinking, I agree with you on that one, I'm not 100% sold on the idea she does feel this way, but it is very possible. I am going to try some things and see if she responds.


I'll explain the misunderstanding. The whole misunderstanding that I mentioned was that after I had initially asked her, and she had accepted, she told me to get a hold of her any way I could to set up a time to meet. Well I went over on that following Sunday night to set up a time, but she was asleep. Her roommates said that they would tell her I stopped by though.


I get an email a few hours later saying "I don't know where you are at in this, a friendship or a relationship, I am really not looking for anything serious right now." That was completely fine with me...I wasn't looking for anything serious at the time either, just to get to know her and see what transpires from there. She just seemed interesting and I wanted to give it a shot.


That leads up to my roommate going over there, and talking to her (without me knowing), as I said previously. In addition to asking about my personality, my hometown, and that she wanted to get to know me, she told him she felt bad enough to the point that she thought that I thought she was a b****, which she is not. She blamed herself for the whole thing for mis-interpreting my actions.


Just thought I would put that in addition to what you already know...thanks for the input already.

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