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How old were you when you got your first date?

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I'm trying to do a study, for my own sake, to see how old the majority of people were when they started dating, and how it happened. I figure by asking this, it will help me determine what I have done wrong, and need to change, so I will no longer have to be the 20 year old college kid who everybody says is cute but no one will date... I ask you this members and readers:


How old were you when you started (seriously) dating? And how did it happen?



Thanks in advance, and I look forward to everyones response

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I was about 25. Every friend I had had a boyfriend who thought i was lovely. I was everyones second choice. The guys I liked dated others and flirted with me. I dated rarely until last year and in the last year have been on 8 first dates and had one one month, two-month and three -month relationship. I just was nt ready before. I had no sisters catty self-centred friends and no -self confidence. I was too nice.

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Well I had my first boyfriend in 7th grade....but while the mental connection was incredable, we were pretty innocent. Too shy to hold hands even.


First "serious" relationship? That was 8th grade. Great guy. First kiss on the cheek! Whooot!


First honest to goodness date? With no parents? That was 9th grade and I paid for my own ticket! 8)


Now I'm in 10th grade and I'm just starting another relationship. Looks like it'll be the best one yet

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People have told me that they're surprised that I haven't been out on a date yet, but that was from family members mostly. Every time I visit one of my uncles he keeps asking me if I have a girlfriend out there in Kitchener yet. lol. I just keep answering... "No, Uncle John, not yet." I guess they are the only ones that are genuinely surprised to hear that I haven't been out on a date yet. Then again, they're family. I guess they've always seen me as being more than others can see. I guess to anyone else I don't seem to be the dating type, because if I would tell anyone else I've never been on a date, they never seem to be the least bit surprised. So yeah, I know that frustration too. I know that my family and the few close friends that I have see me as being a great guy, but no luck on the dating front, that's for sure.


P.S. Does spending an all-nighter talking to a long distance girlfriend over MSN Messenger count as a date? lol

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My first date (and my only one so far) occurred in spring of last year. I was (and am) nineteen years old. We met at an online dating site and began chatting via MSN. (God bless thee Mr. Gates!) It was actually she that asked ME out - she could tell I was trying to ask her but I was beating around the bush about it. (Note to self: use the direct approach from now on!) It went reasonably well, I think. There would have been a second date but her overprotective mother put a stop to it because she had someone ELSE in mind for her little girl to date. All in all, the experience has enhanced my self-image SLIGHTLY - I've gone from being "the 19-year-old that hasnt been on a date" to being "the 19-year-old that hasnt been laid".


I still get depressed as hell about the whole situation, from time to time. I think having no relationships at all can give you more emotional baggage than having a few bad ones.

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I still get depressed as hell about the whole situation, from time to time. I think having no relationships at all can give you more emotional baggage than having a few bad ones.


I agree. Before my first relationship I was an emotional wreck. It's not really that bad now. Don't get me wrong, I still have a lot of baggage and it still sucks, but it helped answer some of the questions I had about myself.

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I guess about 13? Cant remember to be honest.

However, even though I have been on dates and stuff, I still feel a bit weird about it all. I always seem to like not be mentally ready for dating I guess, so I get bored and stuff during dates, and end up saying stuff which I later regret, spoiling all my chances

I have yet to have a proper GF though because of my in-ability to complete a date successfully.

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i was 20. kinda late overall, but not too bad. my first real date was with the girl would become my girlfriend of over a year. after that ended i didnt date for a long time, then eventually started again and i couldnt count how many ive been on in 2004. doesnt really matter when you start, i think its more a question of quantity. the more you go on, the more you learn. youre gonna have crappy dates, no doubt about it, and some great ones, but theyre all learning experiences. i kinda get down sometimes at how hard it is to find someone, but you can't find them if you're not putting yourself out there.

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Hi Wlfpack81,


I'm sure that you'll run into that special lady, and when you do, it will last a long time. I think that your first relationship tends to be one of the most memorable. That's when you're first starting out fresh, and if you move along slow, that's where the romance truly unfolds. Although I don't count my first one as 'true love,' (because I was too young), we kinda lasted long. Our relationship was like one of those 'teen' romances. It was so cute. I didn't even allow him to kiss me until a long time, not until my 14th B-day. Talk about puppy love, but, it was well worth it! So, no rush, no hurries.


When you run into that special someone, you will know. The memories are truly worth savoring. So don't give up. She's out there somwhere...just count on your lucky stars. You guys will find each other someday...Good LucK!

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23 and nothing here..oh well. I've given up anyways.


Hey man, I know the feeling. It'll happen one day. At least that's what I keep telling myself... Hey, I have to keep myself sane somehow.


Giving up won't help, you have to keep trying. Okay? Doing nothing results in nothing.

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My first date was when I was 25 and they've all been disasters from then on! So anyone still waiting you will get a date eventually, of course a girlfriend/boyfriend is an entirely different matter - I know for sure I can't be bothered with getting a girlfriend anymore it ain't worth the heartache and hassle!!

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