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How old were you when you got your first date?

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My first date was earlier this year at the age of 25. I was on the train one morning going to work and I asked out a cutie that was sitting by herself. It was the first time they I really had the nerve to ask someone out. We went out on a couple of dates but now we are just friends.

I have dated a couple of other people since.

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It just happens when you are least expecting it. I was 15 when I went on my first date. I met him in high school... like it was meant to be, we just flowed right into eachothers arms with mutual interests as well as attraction. He was my first kiss... my first love... and it was simply amazing. I felt blessed to have this experience so early. We dated for a year and a half.


Since then, I have had one other serious boyfriend and have dated a whole bunch. It is hard to find someone - but you know what? When it's right, it's easy and it catches you totally off guard.

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