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This comes up millions of times and it is really hard to answer. But I'm sure someone out there has some insight on this. I'll try to make it simple.


There's a girl


She was recently one of my friends GF but not for very long at all...in fact I'm not even sure they got around to kissing.


He told her to send me an IM once with a joke. I knew it was him but I had a nice convo with the girl.


Anyway they broke up but she still kept IMing me a whole lot, infact...I think it would be safe to say every day and sometimes more than once a day if she has to leave and comes back. Recently I have been the one to IM her sometimes but she still IMs me a lot. Even when I have an away message up.


At first I just though hey great she is interesting to talk to and likes to talk to me that's cool. But she said some things like "good cuz then I wouldn't like you" and stuff and I'm like oook. (It's a joke but was a little awkward because we didn't know each other well).


We have met like twice and the rest has been on IM. I asked her out to lunch and she agreed but she didn't know when she was free on the day so she would call me, and she never did. Instead she got on AIM and said she didn't feel like doing anything today with anyone not just me.


I figured fine she doesn't want to do lunch, but then she mentioned it off handedly later.


There is also the problem that she is quite a bit younger than me and I'm thinking it could be a little awkward or something although I know she doesn't have a problem with older guys lol.


Anyway I started kind of liking her, not completely sure but I do know I can have a more interesting convo with her than with almost anyone especially any other girl, and she has a fun personality, and she doesn't look half bad.


Now I don't know I guess I'd like to date her a bit to get to know her better and stuff but do you think she is interested? I mean lunch was just lunch and that seemed like a big bump I guess I have to do lunch before I ask her on a date but I'd like to know what can be known about it so far.


If anyone can give me any imput about what her feelings may be and about the age difference too. Thanks a lot in advance.

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well if shes IMing you so much. Even though it may not 100% mean shes in love with you, it means that you're in her list of people she consider going out with. As long as you stay on that list I dunt think she'll mind you going after her.




Anyways dont young girls in highschool like it when older guys go for them?

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