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OMG it is so true! They do call!! (well in my case he came.)

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ok, well its been 7 months since we broke up.


Ive done NC forever. I have seen him several times, but chose not to talk to him or do anything ( of course his sister is my best friend, so several occasions I've been at his parents and have seen him there)


So anyways,


he's been ignoring me too... until 3 weeks ago


after trying to avoid me all summer....


actually comes into his parents house while i'm in there with some lamo excuse about wanting to give his dog another aspirin. and hanging around in the kitchen and dining room where he could see me sitting in the living room watching tv. I ignored him.


anyways, just last night, he came to my house!!!!!!! He was looking for his Johnny Cash cd. I don't have it! But couldn't he have asked his sister to ask me if I had it??? Why did he have to come over? it doesn't make sense that after 7 months of totally ignoring me, he watlzes over to my house to ask for his cd.


I wasn't there. Thank god! I was at a party. So he just talked to my mother.


Is this a good thing?? I think is probably is...


I want to be back with him so bad... but after this I realized I still have a lot of anger and resentment with him I need to sort out with myself.

Besides I don't want to even think about getting back with him really until After Christmas, this is my most important semester in school, so I don't need distractions!!!


any thoughts?? Anyone?

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