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Ok, this was my first boyfriend and he is amazing..

I mean he is swet and kind and everything..

And I do love him.. but..

Im his second girlfriend and with his first he did everything -_-..

anyways I felt like if I cant be first at least make sure Im the one..

So I told him to date 5 other girls 3 dates each..

You noe just to make sure u do like me..

But do u think iM crazy?

Imean if he does like a girl then we noe its wasnt meant to be..

But if he doesnt then at least we both noe we are meant for each other.. at least for now,,

I noev im 16 and should think about this yet but Im like that LOL..

oh yeah he is also from florida while Im from NJ.. so another reason Im doing this..

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A 16 year old guy is not going to understand what the heck you're talking about when you tell him to go date 5 other girls.


Why not just enjoy what you have and take things as they come? I personally think that 16 is far too young to put this poor guy to the test like you're doing. To be honest with you, I doubt he'll come back if you insist that he go through with it.

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