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  1. I've been writing some poems lately to help cope. You can see my story in the thread "broken long winded post". Thought maybe sharing would help some of you Plus i'll take the constructive criticism. If you want to know any of the meaning just ask : ) fibers, cells, nerves, and capillaries,all hands on deck i wish to sink the ship full of the memories id like to forget i can still see your body curves and all where you lay in the cocoon of cotton where we shared each other underneath your sheets i can still hear the clicking of the blinds against their frame i can taste every inch, i often envision the candle lit shower scenes freckles form upon the ridge of your nose, spotting your cheeks your hair accross your face as the Florida wind blows. Your smile and your laughter make the sun burn brighter for me calluses line the top of the palm of my hand pressed gently against your thigh your breath on my neck keeps me warm beneath the ceiling fan as our blood rushes through veins, eyes are wide the floor becomes mosaic and the pillows become the clouds: we hide if only you'd let me stay here in your arms deep inside echoes of giggles, echoes of moans a wall plastered with photographs no longer make this my room will you think of me when the first flake falls? will God bring opportunity for us to be entangled once more? i would take you fresh from slumber; no decoration upon your face hair pulled tightly back with a few strands out of place a wrinkled t shirt far too big and colors faded away; lost in a whirling spin much like you and me they say "distance makes the heart grow fonder" but too far a dare i find terrifying "better to have love than lost" is the cheapest form of lying a sucker i remain for even the simplest things traits overlooked by many were the first qualities i would see A hike through the past, a climb through your eyes; forest green lead me to a furry companion embodied this critter and I stay in the depths of your soul; a stranger to me now, still deep as a ravine i suppose this could be a means to an end, and end that has already began i thought I'd be in a different place when and if this inevitable Armageddon decided to strike and hit fore i wish to spend one more night with thee i wish to encapsulate both hips with my arms fly up to heaven as i drop down beneath thy knees the light you've lit and presented to me burns distant the moths enslaved by it now fly free like a serpent of sea, i stay here just me washing others away so selfishly, for now myself and I alone we must be
  2. I booked an extended weekend getaway for my girlfriend and I at a nice hotel on the beach in florida and I told her about it last night (we leave friday). I'm looking for any fun romantic ideas for the beach or the sandestin area. I want to make her feel special and truly loved.
  3. Im 18yrs old...i went to the military right after high school. Before the military for about two months i stayed with my g/fs family becuase my family relocated to Orlando (We were in Fort Myers about 3 hrs away). I left for the military which was extremely hard. While in boot camp they found a prob with my knees and sent me home (to orlando) Now im living iwth my parents in Orlando and my g/f of 9 months (on Sept 11) is in Ft. Myers. Im having real difficulties staying here with my parents and not being there with her...any suggestions?
  4. Ok...I know this sounds shallow...............but I am tired of my "southern drawl" I am NOT from the "South"..I'm from Florida...........but I have this annoying (to me) "drawl. I assume I MUST get it from somewhere but I don't know WHERE. Is there ANYthing I can do to change my dialect..........or my "drawl"??? Do acting classes help? Improv classes??? I just think my voice does NOT match my face at ALL....................
  5. I'm currently seeing a guy who is getting ready to train for the Navy SEALS. Right now he's on hold because his classes won't be starting until January, then he'll be heading off to California. Meanwhile, I'm currently in the Navy as well and training as an IT in Florida. So we're already dealing with the fact that we're several miles apart from one another and can barely communicate as it is. I'm really worried about where our relationship will be heading though, because SEALS go through some pretty intense training through the BUDDS program and everything else. For at least 6 months, as I've been told by other Navy servicemen, I won't be able to talk to him because he'll be in isolation due to his training. I want to be there for him as much as I can. I know it'll be really rough, but I haven't gotten all of the details yet. It really sounds terrible. I know he'll do well though. If you've been through a relationship like this and have some advice I'm all ears. Thanks! Nikole
  6. Backstory: I relocated to Orlando, Florida in April. I was able to transfer with the same organization at which I've worked for over 6 years. Unfortunately, the company culture and organization down here (its a not for profit) leaves a lot to be desired and I am suffering from stress related health issues. Thus, I've began submitting my resume to other places. I received a call in response to my resume from an HR Outsourcing firm for a payroll position. This position and company is awesome and would be a great opportunity. I had two phone interviews and then Thursday of last week I had an in person interview. The interview was with one person face to face and one person conferenced in via phone. The HR rep who set up my interview said to arrive in professional attire. The person who I interviewed with wore jeans and a silky camasole top. I was a little taken aback by her attire, I would think a hiring manager would dress up for interviews if HR tells the interviewees to arrive in professional attire. The interview consisted of some querying of my resume and intense behavioral questions. I felt I did really well, even though I was very stressed out from my day at work. The person on the phone had to go after an hour, and she said it was nice talking to me and good luck! The good luck comment was odd lol. Then I chatted with the hiring manager a bit and she walked me down to the lobby to turn in my badge. She shook my hand, said it was nice to meet me, told me I'd hear from my recruiter within two weeks. She said have a nice evening and good luck! Two good lucks! I thought it an odd thing to say at the end of an interview. To me it said... thanks for coming, but we're going to continue looking. I have sent a thank you note to the woman I met in person. The woman on the phone offices from home in another state and I don't have a mailing address for her. Should I call the recruiter I've been working with to touch base with him and say thank you and I'm really interested? Have you ever been told good luck at the end of an interview? When I interview people I always thank them for coming in and tell them it was nice to meet them, explain what the next step is. I've never said Good luck! though.
  7. So, I met this girl about two weeks ago at a bar, we connected fairly well. We chatted and went to the movies last week, and had a good time, and both enjoy eachothers company. I come to find out, she goes to school in Florida, 2000 miles from me. Figures, I meet a nice girl and she goes to school FAR away. She lives in a neighboring town though. She’s a junior, with one year left at school. I’m out of a four year relationship about 4 months ago, and its nice to know that there are caring girls out there. She went back to school yesterday, and had called and texted a few times since she has been down there. I know we aren’t really anything, but she really wants to hang out when she comes home in a few months, and will be home for like four months or so. I feel like I’m stuck in a weird situation.. I know she is going to do whatever, and that doesn’t bother me. Just stinks because we both started to care about eachother.. Here’s the thing though.. I don’t want to end up in the friend zone.. as in, unable to get out.. we have kissed, etc.. but I just don’t want to get stuck in that hell. She has requested I visit. What a weird situation.
  8. well me and my boyfriend live in two different states, he's in Florida going to school and im in South Carolina. We've been going together for awhile now. WE met online 5 years ago, 2 years later started talking on the phone, and we just met up last june. We only get to see eachother every 3 to 5 months for a couple of days. Well ive been here in florida with him a week Sunday and i have to drive back home Saturday morning. I hate doing this because it hurts more and more everytime we have to leave each other and i end up heartbroken and crying, alone in my bed for like 2 days. sometimes even more. We have about a year and a half before we get to move in together but i dont think i can keep taking this. This long - distance thing is killing me slowly and my heart is aching. We dont get to see each other holidays because he works(seasonal) and when he's not working hes in school. I just hate having to miss him so much and it hurts. Its going to be a long ride back to South Carolina and he doesnt want me to cry in front of him again but i dont think i can help but to. I dont know what to do and breaking up isnt an option. I dont know if its that i need advice or i just lack an exciting life. Does someone have any GOOD advice on this?
  9. Ive being going out with my boyfriend Trevor for a very long time now. Well he lives in Florida and i live in South Carolina. We get to see each other like every 3 months or so. When we're together we never argue or anything its just blistful happiness and pure love but after we leave each other it seems we start arguing over little things. Especially around test time for him because he goes to college in Florida. I love him more than anything in the world and breaking up is never an option. im just not use to being in a LDR this long and its harder than i thought it to be and it gets even harder with every visit. I just need some HELPFUL and non-criticizing advice.
  10. Hey Everyone, I'm sorry to say I fell apart on no contact. Heres a quick run down. We were together 3 1/2 years and on and off for 2 1/2. She wanted to live the single life and be with me at the same time and rather than cut it off I held on and she would come back then leave me again over and over. She just turned 22 and I'm 24. I understand that shes young and wants to do what she wants but nonetheless I love her so much, that I've went thru hell trying to get her back. I've stayed in contact thru the past 2 1/2 years except for a few attempts at no contact. I've had her tell me that shes with someone else many times, that shes slept with differant guys many times and most recently she told me she had a medical problem and I was there for her the whole time, just to find out she was having a miscarriage from being with a guy that she hardly new. This is what happens after we break up. I do all the stuff I shouldnt, call, cry and so on, beg for her to give us another chance. After about a week of this I do no contact. Within several days she usually starts calling, sometimes it was even 20 times a day or more. I wouldnt answer then I'd cave because it seemed like if she was willing to call that much she must care. we'd get backtogether but she'd continue to act single and not give our realationship any effort. We'd break up again usually in a matter of weeks. She told me she was confused and not sure what she wanted and thats the reason why shes so indecisive which I agree. So this has been going on for 2 1/2 years ( I know thats insane and I'm embarressed I've let this go on for so long). Start of this week she went to florida on a trip with a friend of hers. I thought this was a great chance for me to get her off my mind even more. I hadnt talked to her in about a week and then she called when she landed in florida ((messege said so). I didnt pick up, next day she calls a couple more times still I dont answer. Finally next day shes calls and I pick up. She starts telling me she really wants to get together when she gets back basically for sex. I told her its to hard for me to just do that without any emotion so anyway she tells me shes going to call wednesday. Next day she calls again. I was feeling good and strong so I pick up and am real nice, no intention of talking about us just asked her about her trip. Conversation was nice and shes like "I miss you baby, I'm all tan and I cant wait to see you and so on) Next sentence she tells me her volleyball team lost the other night and that she got this guy she really likes on team. Then tells me she wants to be with him and that hes so fun to be with. This is right after she tells me she misses me. Next morning I'm pretty down and I make the mistake of calling again( not enough punishment for me I guess) She picks up and tells me shes so hungover. I ask how her night was, She responds "What happens in Florida stays in Florida" So I get curious and basically she tells me she went home with a guy and had sex with him. In one days time shes tells me, She misses me, That she really likes a new guy and wants to be with him, and that she slept with a guy on vacation and that she wants to see him again before she leaves. I'm crushed again. I'm so disappointed in myself that I keep letting myself get hurt. I know the only solution is to walk away, no contact no matter what. I know this sounds so foolish but part of me still holds out hope that in the future after I have time to heal and she matures that we'll work out. I want to leave on a good note because I want to leave things open in the future. At the same time I know that I shouldnt even care and should avoid her at all costs. I know this all sounds insane and that I'm a fool, but I am who I am and I still love her thru it all. Its hard for me to think its final because I've put everything I had and more into this, and she throughs me enough to keep me hoping. Thanks for reading all this and any advice would be great. I feel so disappointed and hopeless because for over 2 years I've know that no contact is the only answer but I havent been able to do it. Please any advice would be great
  11. Just got in from sitting in the car and talking with the guy im dating (not bf). I have been "seeing" him for 6 months. Since I met him he has always taken his lil trips to Florida....well his family is down there (mather, father, brother, etc) BUUUUUUUT for soooooome strange reason since the beginning I have hadd this gut instinct that there was someone else out there ("female friend") Dont ask me but its just a womans gut feeling that I never ignore...I have asked him questions about florida if he ever dated down there and all and his response was i have alot of friends down there thats my home (he does own a house down there) but he rents it out and works here...anyhow, with all the frustration and all (if u read my prior post) I just felt like I wanted to end this "seeing" thing with him. Its going nowhere...he doesnt want a relationship but then again doesnt want to lose me...im so upset...I dont want to stop seeing him but then again time is only running and i dont want to get stuck with a broken heart...which i feel its too late cuz i feel one already...hes leaving to florida on Wed for a week...im not going to call him tho we agreed that we still are "exclusive" and all. OMG...what am i doing to myself...im just hurting myself...any advise on this insane situation???? im sooo sad!
  12. I am currently a rising third year law student. I was dating a girl for 6 years and want to marry her. We started dating in the senior year of high school, went to the same college and dated the whole time we were there. After graduation from college, she moved to Florida to be with me. I made it easy for her by choosing to attend a law school in a town where she could attend graduate school as well. After her first year of school, she decided to take advantage of her school's study abroad program. Every three months she would rotate to a different location. After nine months away from me, she decided she wanted to break up. She has three more months until graduation. apparently she is unsure whether she is still in love with me. I believe being apart for such an extended period of time played a big part in her decision. When she's abroad, she's with the people she works with 24/7. They live together in the same apartment complex, and they work together all day long. Her work occupies almost 100% of her time. She wake ups, goes to work, goes home, then works somemore with her co-workers. Perhaps her friendship with her co-workers has usurped my position as her best friend. In addition, the people she works with are very different than me. They drink, smoke a ton of weed, do the bar scene, etc. While I was together with my now "ex" girlfriend, we never used to be part of the bar scene. I never got the impression that she liked that. However, I've seen pictures of her on MySpace and she's out and about with her new friends, drinking martinis and doing shots. She says she gets some enjoyment in going out with her friends, likes the taste of the martinis, but doesn't get drunk, and honestly, only goes out to bars b/c thats all there is to do in these cities with these people... they have no other real interests. She says there are no other guys that she's intrested in. I know people change, but I'm not sure if she really changed or if she just started doing all of these new things with her co-workers because that was her only social outlet. The reason she gave me for the break-up was that she wasn't sure if she was willing to give up potential job opportunities in cities that aren't where my law school is located. In other words, I still have one year left in law school and she's not sure she wants to return to Florida when she might have great job opportunities in other states like New York, Illinois or California. I truly believe she is conflicted about what she wants. When we are together, she acts like she did nine months ago... she wants to hold hands, kiss, hug, etc. She acts like she's still in love with me. However, there is that part of her that doesn't want to pass up job opportunties, especially since she loves the line of work she's in. So now I'm left wondering whether or not she'll decide that she wants to come back to Florida because I'm that important to her, or she'll decide to leave the relationship for good. I mean we spent six years together, and for nearly all of that time we were truly happy together. We're both 24, so we're in a time of transition. How likely is it that she will come back to me? Should I just move on or should I try and remain optimistic? She says she still loves me and is affraid she'll be making a mistake if she leaves me because she can see us together when we're old, but at the same time, she has this "feeling" that she wants to really pursue her career. She feels the two "wants" that she has conflict. Personally, I think she could have a truly fulfilling career in Florida and still be with me, but I don't know if she's in a agreement... right now she appears not to be. She says she has no desire to date other guys; she just wants to focus on her career. What do you guys think?
  13. I have decided that I can't deal with the situation im in any longer. I am better than this. He returns on Saturday from Florida. Should I tell him that I cant do it any longer, theres nothing with us. You don't want me but then again don't want to lose me- NO WAY!!! I CANT!!!! My g/f is telling me that I don't need to tell him anything, she advised just to not call him EVER! He won't care anyway, I know he wishes that I stop calling him! Hes always with an attitude/moody when I call but he wont say to end the whole "seeing" one another thing! I have to be the one to do it. What do u think? Do I need to say what Im going to do/ just do it. I know he wont even budge to call if I don't!!! Any other suggestions?? Please i'm desperate!!
  14. Hi Im a guy of 39 and have been in a relationship with a girl for 8 years. Initially we lived in Florida but 4 years ago I had to move up to the New York area for work reasons. Basically the realtionship is over as we dont make love anymore and although she is a good friend to me and I want the best for her I dont love her any more although she loves me. 2 Years ago I met a local girl and had an affair with her without telling her about the girlfriend in Florida. We broke up due to her suspicions (was hard to keep the two apart as I had to keep flying down to Florida to see my long term gf). However we have been in touch on and off, I have told her the truth abouit the original gf which she accepted. Now we are in touch again and she has another boyfriend but she has made it clear that she would be prepared to give it another go with me provided of course that I break up with the old gf. Now fornthe crunch - the thought of the break up terrifies me and makes me feel physically ill. It will devastate her when I tell her even though she must kn ow that something is not right. Also Im scared of a time when I have time on my hands if Ive broken up with my original gf and if it doesnt work out with the new one for some reason) then I wont have the option of going down to Florida to see her and the friends I have down there (Im not from there originally so the only way I have to see the whole Florida thing is through her. If I had a wide circle of family and friends it would be easier I think but I dont as all the time Ive been up here, Ive still been living at least half my life back in Florida. This is my last chance of sorting it out with the new girl and I even know that if I dont take the chance, Ill still be missing her and wishing I were with her and will resent the old gf for stopping me going for it. ANy advice gratefully accepted!
  15. My guy returned from Florida last night. Read my last posts and u will know the jist of things. Anyway, he came back and he didnt call me upon his return and had his friend pick him up from the airport instead of me as planned. I called him last night and he gave me the excuse that his allergies are acting up and hes going to unwind a bit, relax and yada yada ....When he didnt mentioned seeing me IT WAS A BLOW TO THE HEART!!! I called him back and thats when it happenned! I told him that I was getting soooo hurt by him. He responded w/ I told u that I didnt want a relationship and have alot of things in my life to handle right now...like if im moving to Florida and I dont want to start anything at all....blah blah blah! He did tell me from the beginning that he didnt want to get involved or get into a relationship with anyone and its my fault that I accepted that and now 7 months down the line I am here with a broken heart w/only myself to be at fault We have decided to just keep things as friends (I AM DROWNING IN TEARS) I really fell for him hard!!! I guesss this is best for me that it ended this way but soooooo sad cuz I cant find myself to be nothing more than a "friend"....its like I dont even want to and I hate that I feel this way!!! I am miserable and need some help!!! I just cant deal with this and most importantly with myself!!!
  16. Background: My girlfriend and I have been together for more than 3 years. a little over a year ago, we moved from our hometown in the northeast to south florida, becasue we both wanted A: something different and B: somewhere warm. Since then, our realtionship has becomed very strained, to the point where she no longer wants to have sex, etc. We have had blow up fights, etc, and some of the problmems have come out, but we've been living in a one-bedroom apartment with each other and both trying to pretend the underlying issues werenl;t there. She says she felt 'trapped' and needed space, becasue we don;t have that many friends here and it's just the two of us all the time. Finally yesterday, my girlfriend suggested we get our own apartments, and I suggested couples therapy, and we both agreed. She believes getting our own places will give her the space she needs, and prove to her that I am not 'dependent' on her. She is a very independent girl and apparently this is important to her. Since we have known each other, I was in many ways dependant on her becasue i was in grad school full time when we met, and didn;t have a full-salary job until a year ago. I try to highlight this but this is a feeling she has harbored and it has grown to the point where its killing our relationship. \ We love each other very much and I am confident now that she wants to do anything we can to get us back to where we were, but frankly, taking a step back like this scares me a little bit. I guess I don;t have any other choice, but i was wondering if anyone else out there had a similar experience?
  17. Hi, my name is Seidy, I'm 18 years old. My aunt introduced me to her childhood friend Like a year ago. We started talking on the phone, I was hesitant at first because of the distance but then I guess I just went with the flow. I went to Florida for spring break since I was still in High School. I feel like I'm falling in love with him, and I don't know how to react to it. I mean this has never happened to me.(this whole long distance thing) There's a little problem though. We're falling like into a routine that I really am starting to hate. We speak everyday...usually after 9pm. Our conversations are starting to sound like a recording. "How was your day?" "good and yours" we talk about our days and thats it.."good night talk to you tomorrow" And even though it's getting kinda boring. When for some reason we don't speak. I miss him like crazy . Can anyone give me any tips on how to make this work?! Because sometimes I think that maybe it's not going to work and that maybe we're not right for each other. I mean we don't live close ,we should have tons of things to talk about, right?I don't know where I'm going wrong. Sometimes I think I'm just boring. I feel like I already told him my whole life story and we're running out of things to talk about. But I don't want to lose him He's going to come see me next month.. How can I improve this in the meanwhile??
  18. The guy that I have been dating for 6 months (NOT B/F) went away again to Florida. He left on Wed. He has never been one to call for I have ALWAYS been the one to initiate that! If you read my last posts you will see that things arent so humky dory! My point of this post is to get some advise....I couldnt believe that he called last night at 7pm to say "hi". I didnt expect him to call so that caught me off guard. Prior to him leaving we got into a big fight cuz the night b4 he left he got drunk and was acting like a complete loser when i spoke to him that night but thats besides the point. Should this be the chance for me to pull away, not to call him at all (tho he soooooo expects me too)??? I hate that hes there for I have been having some weird instincts with that ( and i must say they were expressed to him) in regard to me feeling that there is someone out there that hes not telling me about and of course he says that theres not...but anyway...should I take ten steps back and try to pull HIM in??? What advise can you give me cuz im desperate here Thanks!
  19. The guy that im dating for 6mths now (not my b/f) is in Florida until Saturday. He left Wed and called me Thursday night to say "hi" (read my last post) anyway, he hasn't called me again ....i want to call him sooo bad but something is telling me not to. I know this thing we have is completely done! I feel it within Would I be stupid to place the call/should I just let it be and what happens happens???? I cant take this!!
  20. heres the scoop, i have a chance to go to college in maine- starting at a community college then transfering to state college. i have the same chance in florida in the orlando area if i live there a year. the thing is i made a promise freshman year of high school to my best friend that if he moved to florida or not that we would go to college together. hes going to the community college near orlando then transferring to ucf. i also have a few new friends down there through him. now here (in maine) i have friends, a job, a girlfriend who i care about a lot (not a love thing, though.) a few band oppurtunities etc. i figure if i move to florida it would take away my distractions from school and with my friend, who is the most motivated and influential person ever, ild do really well. but up here i have my family to think about... my sisters pregnant with twwins, my nephews growing up, my parents and all of my siblings except two are planning to buy houses. i dont have the money to go between here and there all the time so im really stuck. do i throw away my friends, girlfriend, and family moments for college, my best friend and my future? i would hate to disappoint both my family and friends, but on the other hand ild be seriously damaging and hurting my friend whos been stoked on this for god knows how long. let me know your thoughts, anything. financially i cant pull them both off so im stuck. i am leaning towards staying but once i think about everything ill experience in florida i cant help but want to be there. ive never been out of maine. i dont know. i miss my friend but ill miss my family. im confused.
  21. Hi everyone. I just joined this board in hopes someone can shed some light or offer some advice to me on my current situation. I graduated just last week from college. I went to school in Florida, one hour away from my boyfriend. I was offered a *fair* job nearby (not very much pay, they wanted me to begin work 1 day after my graduation), however after a LOT of consideration, I decided that I could benefit more from moving back home (Georgia, 6 hours away). Really, the only reason I thought of taking the job in Florida was to be near my boyfriend. Now that I moved back home, I have set up a tentative plan. I worked hard in college; double-majored, graduated with a 3.0, worked as an RA, and was a freelance journalist. I deserve a break! Since I am an only child and all my highschool friends are still away at college (on the 5-year plan), I proposed the idea to my parents that I could really benefit from a dog. I could have a companion, responsibilities (so I won't sleep all day), and security for when I move out on my own in a few months. They agreed and I got a puppy as my graduation gift (boyfriend conflict #1: he hates dogs and is allergic to them). Back to my plan, I plan to spend the summer raising my puppy, working out and losing the pounds I added from college, suntanning, saving money, and basically taking a break. I am going to visit my boyfriend once a month and then in August I am going to start looking for work. Well, today I made the mistake of telling my boyfriend that for the same price of a 1-bedroom apartment in Florida, I could rent a townhouse or a 3 bedroom place here in Georgia. I can also make more money here than I would in Florida and could keep my dog nearby at my parents if my apartment won't allow pets. This really upset him. He was completely standoffish, telling me that I am going to live in Georgia forever and essentially, never grow up. I disagree completely. I put thought into my decisions and I feel with my plan, I am benefitting substantially more than I would if living in an apartment in Florida, breaking even and working myself to death after 4-years of non-stop college. My plan now incorporates resting time, time for me to rejuvinate and lose weight (to build confidence with future job interviews), and perhaps above all, to save money. My boyfriend is genuinely upset, as he is commited to living in Florida for another year to begin graduate school. We've tossed the idea of marriage around, but he gets freaked out. He's mentioned he wants to marry me, he just won't say when. Now he's giving me mixed signals and I don't know if he is mad because he loves me and wants to be with me, or if he is mad I left him to be at home with "mommy and daddy." Help!
  22. I just got back from spending the night at my guy's apt. To update, he will be leaving May 26 to go back to his home in Florida. We had a talk about keeping in touch and are we really in a "relationship". He says that he will come back and visit me because he thinks I am a funny person and he likes me and he enjoys having sex with me. Now, this sounds like some kind of a relationship to me but he is so afraid of commitment that he will not call it that. What do you think??
  23. I feel the distance in evry way...no phone calls anymore/txt messages, no initiating going out all unless I do it. Im so lost and sad right now and I cant do this anymore! Tonight when I speak to him im going to have to bring this whole issue up tho I dread doing so but its just something that I have to bring up and put whats going on on the table! Dating 4 months anad the distance began last month. He recently went on a cruise with his "fam" and when he got off the cruis in Florida not even a phone call to me BUIT of course like an idiot i called him...we spoke 2 seconds cuz I felt the distance from him to me...gotta say something....but how do I start?
  24. Hey guys, When it comes to weightlifting im fine, i can get fired up enough by putting 315 on the bench of 450 on the squat rack just fine. Although music would sort of help when im trying to break old barriers and get new weight my real problem lies in running. I am 6'7 245 pounds, im only 10% body fat so running isn't really NECESSARY but i will be playing college football next year and the coaches have told me that i must start running or I will die come August. On an ominous note i keep thinking of that Florida State player who died doing off-season conditioning, turns out he had a heart condition that nobody knew about, not even his doctors, until Bobby Bowden's work out helped him "discover" it. So i try to run without music or anything and wow...i hate it...i hate it so much, so the easy answer to my problem is an Ipod. But being a guy i don't want one of those dinky nano ones that only hold 4 gigs and are built for work outs...oh no...i want that beastly 60 gig video ipod with room for 17,500 songs and a bajillion hours of video. Problem is i don't know how well it will stand up to being run with...does anybody use them to run with? If so what problems have you had?
  25. So I was out last night by myself and stopped into my favorite watering hole. I was sitting down talking to my friend Brenda and this girl came walking in and sat down with an older women right behind us. So I made eye contact with her a couple times and then I turned around and started talking to her. Found out she lives right down the street from me, is 21 and SINGLE. I kept making jokes about how we are gonna be new best friends and stuff kidding with her, the we kinda started dancing at the bar and stuff. I handed her my cell phone and told her to put her # in it instead of asking for her #. After that we kinda just went our separate ways in the bar but kept smiling @ each other and when she would walk by I kept telling her how beautiful she was. I was kinda drunk though last night and hope to god I didn't make a fool of myself. I was wondering when would be a good time to make my first call. I don't want to look real desperate. Thats why I didn't even try to call her tonight. Also I think I might have something else going too. I met this other girl a while back and she wound up bringing her friend in that just moved here from Florida. I tried talking to her one night but they wound up leaving really quick. Well I saw the first girl last night and asked about her friend from Florida and that I thought she was cute and she should hook us up, when she tells me that her friend was mad that night they had to leave because she thought I was cute and was happy that I was talking to her. The bad thing was the first girls dad is some big bad * * * biker dude and him and his friend confronted me last night telling me to watch out. I think I should probably give this one up.
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