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does he like me or not HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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i have like this one guy for a very long time lets call him BOB but i dont know if he likes me and i am afraid of rejection........ If i was too ask him if he likes me what is the best way to do it? anyway this week he has been following it seems like and he has come up to me and looks like he is goin to talk to me but then doesnt.... Like today at lunch i was talkin to i really cute guy named andrew and Bob was by himself his friends were not with him and he just stood behind for like a minute but he didnt say anything and then he walked really fast around the corner i think he was mad but i just dont know.........

PS he is really shy if i talk to him its all yes or no aswers

Does he like me or not?


Thanks in advance for all your answers

tell me anything i just need a lot of help with this i have thought long and hard about it and i just dont know


have any ?'s just ask me

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Josh has a strong point about a women approaching first, it makes it a whole lot easier on US guys, i think him standing behind you was a way of HIM trying to get your attention, and you should of said, "excuse me" to the people you were talking too and got up, looked him in his eyes, smiled, said "HI" stood there for a quick second to see if he says hi back, or starts a conversation with you, whatever his intentions were? (god knows what?) I'm talking in circles...sorry


My advice to you is this...If there is a next time, just give it a try!, what do you have to loose? he can't REJECT you...lol you just are saying hi, than your placing the ball on his side of the court, so it's an obligation on his part to say "Hi" back, it's as simple as that.


when ever he feels he is comfortable enough too, we will pick up where you left off.

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As said, talking to the guy is a great thing to do, even a simple hello will do. Most guys (myself included ) love it when a girl wants to start up a conversation with him, even if the guy is shy. And even if your too shy to talk to him, just stay close to him, give him small signs of liking towards his general direction .

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Go up to him and try to start a conversation. If he's shy he probably won't have the nerve to talk to you so take the initiative and approach him. Don't just come out and ask if he likes you, it would probably scare him away. Try to have a nice conversation and get to know each other better. Make sure to ask open ended questions so he can't just say yes or no. Ask him about his classes, what his hobbies and interests are, things like that. And make sure to give him little signs that your interested, a smile can go along ways to making a shy guy feel comfortable and getting them to open up.

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from what u said..i think he mite have a slite crush on you just check for attitude changes! that is everything! if he likes you he will be trying to make a good impression and by doing that he will be slightly nervous which will show attitude changes..like how he talks...stares into your eyes? compliments you often? touches you playfully frequently..and if he is shy just let him get to know you and ask him out because usualy he will say yes because he would be flattered...i asked out a shy girl before after knowing her for 2 days and she blushed and accepted so best of luck to you

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ya all of you guys are right i am noticing each day we take babysteps like today i was crossing the street and then he could of waited for the car but he didnt he ran to catch up to me got on the side of me and then we started talking normally like last week i made the first move so we r taking small steps into the right direction


but if u have any advice like which signs to look for or any more advice at all feel free to put it


thanks a bunch

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i dunno what it is i mean things r getting better and better each week but like yesturday i was in front of him so he came up to me and i said he


and then today he was in front of me i think he wanted to talk to me cause he kept looking back at me but y didnt he say anything but we were litterally like 5 inches away from eachother


y didnt he talk to me !!!!!!! lol HELP thanks in advance

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