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So Close (To admitting my feelings to her), But Yet So Far

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This girl I like, she sometimes reads the posts on this forum and she knows I post on this forum as well (but doesn't know my nickname). Most of my posts so far mentions how much I admire her and such.


Recently she asked me what is my nickname on this forum. I didn't tell her and mentioned that my posts on this forum is kinda personal and I would be embarrassed if she was reading my threads. Then she mentions how people post messages on this forum have girl problems (maybe she will make the connection that I like her after she said that).


Maybe just by saying this I aroused her curiosity and she would read more threads trying to work out what my nickname is (it won't be very hard for her to find out, I left some clues/hints in my threads).


I have been dropping hints occasionally. For example, I mentioned to her that if I find a job in the beginning of next year (and she finds work in the middle of the year) then we will miss each other completely. I think she didn't pick up on my hint (or if she was making a signal I must have missed it).


When will I stop hiding my face and my feelings for her behind this forum? Why am I so cowardly in expressing my feelings directly to her? I guess a reason why I write this is after this year, our timetable will be out of sync (i.e. she will do different uni subjects then mine). So my greatest worry is that by seeing her less often after this year, our friendship will slowly die out.


I am pretty sure she will eventually find this thread. I don't mind being merely friends with her, but I do mind our friendship "slowly dying out".

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Confessing your feelings to this girl isnt going to make your situation any better. Realize that for your plan (of telling her how you feel) is ONLY going to work if she likes you more than a friend. You need to stop being so dramatic, its not as serious as you make it seem to be, acting rash doesnt solve problems it creates them. What you need to do is enjoy the tiem that you spend together and not get bogged down with your feelings for her. Its obvious that you like her. Thats something thats not going to change, so be more friendly with her, chill with her and in general spend more time with her. If she has any feelings for you then she will appreciate the times that you have spent together and give you an indication of how she feels about you. Other than that you really have no control over the situation so stop beating yourself up about it.

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man i know exactly how u feel ive known this girl for 2 yrs and still havent told her how ifeel bcuz im to scared and have some type of anxeity disorder but i wish i could tell her bcuz our friendship has been drifting apart and i once herad that one of the worst pains is loveing someone with out them knowing or reciveing love back.

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You need to stop being so dramatic, its not as serious as you make it seem to be, acting rash doesnt solve problems it creates them.


Do you think admitting my feelings to her on this forum is "rash" and will it "create problems" when (when not if) she reads my threads?


You need to stop being so dramatic, its not as serious as you make it seem to be"


I guess you are right about me being over-dramatic. All my feelings for her that I mentioned in my earlier threads are "over-dramatic" (possibly venting about my life in my earlier threads is also "over-dramatic").


Re-edit: However, I can't help but get more nervous everyday thinking of what would happen when she reads my thread(s).

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