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to block his number or not to...i need helllp


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So my ex boyfriend & i have been broken up for a little over a month. He did the breaking.up. He said he wanted to be friends & i agreed but every time we talk, i always end up talking about the relationship or trying to make him jealous by talking about other guys. (I know that's not the right thing to do) he says he doesnt like me anymore but he always gets mad & texts me when he hears about me & other guys. He texts me & gets mad when he looks at my instagram & sees photos i post that other guys like or comments.....& when he heard a rumor that i had a boyfriend when i really didnt...he texted me all pissed off but then tried acting like he didnt care...if he stopped liking me, why does he still care about that stuff? Also like 2 weeks ago he said he did still like me but then a few days ago he said he never said that. Confusing. Anyways...i try to be his friend but i feel like i just bombard him with everything & have pushed him away for good. He does text me sometimes to see whats up with me but other than that its always me who texts him first. Ive smothered him without meaning to. Ever since we broke up i havent left him alone. He hasnt had the chance to miss me because ive always been there. Except for one time i refrained from texting him for 5 days & he ended up texting me saying he missed me....We fought last night and today i told him i was going NC to get over him. Ive told him that many times but just end up texting him after a few days so this time i need to stick with it. Should i block his number? Im just afraid if he tries to text me, i wont get it.

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Firstly, BOTH of you need to stop playing games and decide if you are actually broken up. And if you are, in fact, broken up, then you should stop all contact with him. It's not helping with the moving on.


Tell him you are going NC and actually go NC. Delete his number, block all access to him on your social media and do not contact him. It's obvious that you do want to be together with him, but he broke up with you for a reason.


You are right that if he is going to decide to come back, then you are making it harder by pestering him and waiting for his every move.


Make a decision and stick with it.

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