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Well I just recently broke up with my boyfriend of two years...actually he broke up with me and I went along with it, just because all we did is argue and fight all the time. A week before we broke up, a guy who worked accross the way from me had introduced himself to me and we began to talk over the phone as friends. I like this guy now and it has been about a month that we have been talking and hanging out, however my ex is still calling me and telling me how hes in love with me and just never knew it. He says all these sweet things, and while I still miss him I know Im not in love with him. I have actually already "been" with this other guy too if you know what I mean Not too mention this guy is just too sweet even though he is quite immature. Is this like really wrong of me in such a short time? Should I get back with my ex and forget this new guy?

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Tough call. Sometimes, jumping right into a new relationship isn't the best thing to do, sometimes it is. It's different for everryone. On a side note, having "been" with someone else since you and your ex broke up is going to cause problems in the future should you decide to get back together with him. Rest assured of that.


I suppose the only one who knows whether or not it's a good or bad idea is you; that is, after all, who the decision comes down to.

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Are you honestly asking "Should I get back with my ex and forget this new guy?"


You obviously are having second thoughts. You need time by yourself, so that you have a clear mind and are able to think rationally. Nobody can answer this question, because only you know the answer. And you can find that answer by taking time to yourself.

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If you know you're not in love with your ex then there is really no point in getting back with him. You would only be hurting him and yourself. My advice is to move on. If you really like this new guy then you should stick with him and see what happens. But if he was just the rebound guy you should break it off with him also if you're just gonna break his heart. Better safe than sorry.

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