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All you guys....Plz help!!!


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There's this guy at work who I want to ask out maybe for a date to get to know him better. We're both really shy.


However, my brother told me it's a turnoff to guys if a girl asks them out.


Is my brother speaking the truth or is he just messin w/ me?

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i think it is sort of a turn off i wouldnt like it if a girl asked me out because if you were planning on asking her out soon and she did it first it would be a self esteem let down, i think the best thing to do in that situation is give big hints like you want to go out or bring up something thats going on that weekend and if he is interested in the same kind of event and he might ask, if he doesnt ask though i guess your only choice is to ask him because he is probably really shy.

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This may sound weird, but sometimes (in my case, a lot of the time!) a guy can feel burdened if they think it's up to them to ask someone they like out. Im telling you, a lot of guys would PREFER to be asked out by a girl, than to ask them out!

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