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1001 good questions


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it seems to me that the hardest thing for some people is keeping a conversation running. the best way i can think of to remedy this is to continually ask questions until you "strike gold" and branch off into a nice long talk.


this is a game i picked up off of another message board. it basically works like it sounds. you put as many good conversational questions as you can (remember to number so that we know when we hit 1001) not only is this really fun but its also very helpful.


when we hit 1001 just go "Woot we did it!" and go on... no real reason to stop is there?


i suck at questions but ill do a few no-brainers to get us started. (i know they will really suck but when we start to build up a large number they will get better)


1. What kind of music do you like?


2. how was your day?


3. what do you think about abortion? (kinda morbid but its a good topic that ive never seen fail and it will always be a source of healthy [i hope] debate)

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7. Can you cook? (Ramen/eggs don't apply). If so, what's for dinner?

8. Favorite jokes?

9. Favorite 80s cartoon/TV sitcom?

10. What's your most bizarre incident with the oppossite sex? Most bizarre date?

11. Which part of oreo cookies do you like best? Chocolate or Cream?

12. Favorite car?

13. Truth? Double Dare or Triple Dare? If you lose, ya gotta sing Milli Vanilli's "Girl, You Know it's True..Ooh Ooh Oohh"..

14. If you won a million $ 's, what would you do?

15. Any fetishes?

16. If you had to describe yourself as a fruit, what kind of fruit would you be?

17. Which TV or movie character best respresents you?

18. What do you see yourself doing in 20 years?

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I'm assuming that you're thinking of questions to ask on a first date. In which case asking about politcal views aswell as religious views can totally destroy the date.


I find the absolute best questions to ask are simply ones that are totally directed at the person because lets face it, everyone loves talking about themselves.

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Do you have a boyfriend that you've forgotten to mention? - It's happened to me, so best to find out sooner rather than later!


73. Have you seen (insert latest release) at the cinema/theatre? - allows the prospect of a follow-up date to see the aforementioned film/play.


74. Have you been to (insert a place name, restaurant etc)? again, allows the prospect of a follow-up date.

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77. who's your favorite DJ?

78. what's your favorite planet? (besides earth).

79. any cavities?

80. strangest dream?

81. visited anywhere outside your countryr?

82. how boy/girlfriends have you had?

83. believe in love at first sight?

84. want any kids? if so; how many?

85. favorite tv show?

86. favorite movie?

87. would you ever go skydiving?

88. favortie animal?

89. if you could have one wish, wat would it be?

90. if you could choose a super power, wat would it be?

91. what would you do with $5-$1,000,000?

92. Like poetry?

93. favortie subject?

94. favorite sport?

95. any role models?

96. did O.J. do it?

97. believe in ufo's?

98. ever fall in love?

99. favorite scent (candles maybe)?

100. favortie brand of shoes?

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Stay away from questions about politics, sex, and previous relationships when you first meet someone.


Here are some more questions:

101. How are you?

102. What does your name mean?

103. Do you have any brothers or sisters?

104. What is your career?

105. Where have you travelled to?

106. When do you want to get married?

107. What did you dream about last night?

108. What is your favourite tv show?


Sorry if some if any of the questions are similar to the previous ones posted.

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Kudos for starting this thread Invalid. Now lemme contribute.

109. So, what's your story?

110. Do you know that the average adult human talks to himself/herself 500 times a day? So what did you last talk to yourself about?

111. What makes you laugh?

112. When was the last time you felt this happy?

113. Goals in life?

114. Do you have a raisin? No? Then can I have a date?

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