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Were any of ya'll alone on your prom night?

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I was just wondering too see if anybody was at home by themselves along on their prom night all lonely because they have nobody to go with and never have had a gf.I just wanted to see because i wanted to see how i shoudl be ready for it because i could not see myself going to the prom because no girls like me that way.I was just want to prepare myself and just wanted to know were you pretty lonely being by yourself on a night like that while all your friends went?Iono that is just how i depict my prom night being.All my friend going and having a great time while im at home playing cs or somethign feeling lonely.This is no venting or anything i just wanted to see how some people felt like this how i think im gonna be on that night just curious.

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Hey man,


I wouldn't get too concerned yet. If I'm not mistaken, isn't the prom for at least another six months? That's how it is here in Canada...anyways, I didn't have a date for the prom, neither did a lot of my friends. We got dressed up, got drunk in the limo and hung around the whole time. When it was time for the after-party, we were ready for anything. Don't feel so pressured. You don't need a date to have fun. Go with your parents even. In Canada, its not the prom where the most fun is to be had. It's the afterparty. Remember that: The Afterparty. Have fun, you made it through like twelve, thirteen years of hard work. You deserve this man.



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First of all....playing CS wont help anything, that game sux dude

Seriously though, just go and have fun. Your mates will be there and I can tell you now, like was said before, most people come in groups of friends. If you can, do what I did for mine.

I showed up to mine by myself, but I made sure I had the flashiest car out of the lot...I figured if I'm going to go alone, I'm going to leave an impression. A family friend of ours owned a Lamborghini Countach and leant it to me for 2 weeks. I drove that to the reception at school and then from there to my formal. I ended up having the best night ever, and I got to dance with my dream girl...the one I swear is the girl that got away.


Basically, go, casue you will probably regret it later if you dont.

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Dude cs is a great game u cannot deny it like 10,000,000 people play it way more then any fps.Well back to the post i dont really believe in that computerguy a girl should not like you for your car mang.Once they see u driving up in a car that nice they are all flooding around u.But not for YOU man but only for the car in which u posess that night and that is not good they truly do not like you probably but only because of that.Thats why im afraid to get a car.Because since im sucha nice guy maybe girls would think that they should date me because i would drive them anywhere they desire since i am such a nice guy.

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Once they see u driving up in a car that nice they are all flooding around u.But not for YOU man but only for the car in which u posess that night and that is not good they truly do not like you probably but only because of that.
I just wanted to say that girls dont give a shirt about what kind of car you drive. I dont even have a clue what a Lamborghini Countach is. It sounds like a kind of pizza the pizza shop around the corner would sell.


Alright, I lie. I'm like, one of the few girls in my class who doesn't know anything about cars (which I can use to my advantage, as I started up a pretty lengthy convo with my crush one day with him telling me what kind of cars were good and crap and so on ), but really, although it would just be a nice bonus if the guy had a nice car, no girl is going to go out with you just because you have a nice car. I dunno about guys, but girls aren't like that.

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OK thats not WHY I got the car, I just figured if I was going to be going alone, I'd do it in the flashiest way possible.


I didn't so it on the grounds of getting a g/f...more on the grounds of I'm also a car nut and it was a once in a lifetime opportunity getting to drive one. My aim wasn't to get a girl, my aim was to have as much fun as I could, and thats what I think you should do, go and have fun!!!!


As for the girl I danced with.....she was the quiet, shy, down to earth girl....I could have had millions of dollars and so on and it wouldn't have made any difference, shes far from superficial. She doesn't give a crap about stuff like that, and we danced because her, like me, came alone...not for a lack of friends, but because she is the type who never dated, and because we were really close.


PS - CS still sux

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Didn't go to my prom and never really wanted to. But I have a suggestion that could be interesting. There's probably a good deal of people who feel the same way and don't want to go cause they don't have dates. Why not get these people all together and stage an anti-prom? A gathering where there's no need for dates, a limo, dressing up or any of that fancy prom stuff. Just people getting together to hang out and have a good time.

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I didnt go to my own school's prom thingy - i went to another one - nd i took the train - classy lol!. Not because i didn't have anyone to take but because i hated nearly everyone at my own school....but thats another story in itself....


But i would go to the prom because i do regret not going a bit...


still it did save me a load of money i could spend on beer


ComputerGuy's got it right though - just go there to have a good time.


Because if you're having a good time that makes you infinatly more

attractive that being a miserable etc.......you know what i'm saying.

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its hard to believe its been 3 years since it, but I never went to the prom, or any other dances for that manner. I stayed locked away in my room playing quake 3 arena. I don't think there's anything wrong with not going though, I do regret not asking a girl to it at the time, but 3 years later its just a moot point.

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All my friend going and having a great time while im at home playing cs or somethign feeling lonely.


exactly how i spent all school activites. Prom, Homecoming, dances, GRADUATION... yea.. i didn't go to my graduation mainly cause i saw it as a waste of time lol.


and CS owns still over 35K people at least and at least 10K servers.

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Here's the thing. You have choices. You can stay home and do something you KNOW you'll enjoy.... You can stay home and feel sorry for yourself... You can go alone and make the best of it. You can go alone and make everyone around you miserable with your moping. You can get a date and feel uncomfortable the whole night. You can get a date and have fun making a friend. You get to choose which one of these you'd want to do.

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Like Sheyda said, at all the prom's I have gone to, there have only ever been a few couples. Mostly everyone goes to get drunk, and have a laugh, and see if anything happens, but its the fun that counts.

For my last prom, I turnt up with a group of like 4 girls and my mate, and eventhough we are all friends, must of looked kind of cool to people that didn't know us that well - "Wow that guys turnt up with 4 girls!"... Actually when it comes to dancing its mostly girls that are on the dance floor, so if your a guy, your always outnumbered. LOL proms arn't like in those american films, and if they are, well thats very sad.

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LOL, I was so lonely on my prom night, I already wanted to go at the very beginning of the night, but then my classmate introduced me with some girl she knew, huh, we spent the whole night together, sleeping on a desk and touching each other, that was real fun...


But nothing else like that has happened since then...

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