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I guess this is it, right? Has to be..


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So for a while I'd been skeptical of my boyfriend. We've been together 3 years, ya-dee ya-daa... broke up once in the summer... bla bla

I've always noticed, from the beginning of time, he is a very closed off person to those who know him best. He never answers questions, he gets on the defensive, he'll argue, never add detail, ect. In other words, he's a suspicious character. Now, I've seen his messages on fb where he flirts with a whole bunch of girls, so he deactivated the thing. I found out he was trying to get married for his papers to some girl who's obsessed with him on ACCIDENT, because I touched his phone, he freaked, and admitted that to me before I had a chance to find out for myself.

My mom always told me he was a cheater, but I've never had evidence of such thing, and I never could believe it.


Anyway, yesterday my friend literally made me go to a soccer game with her. I hate sports, but she begged me. She wanted to go see some guy play. I went, cool, whatever. After the guys invited us for pizza. I didn't want to go but she begged me, again, so I agreed. The guys were funny anyway, so I was like "free food, sure why not?"

We went to dominos, at which I freaked, because my boyfriend's best friend works there and I couldn't risk him seeing me because my boyfriend doesn't let me out... he always turns an innocent thing into something it's NOT.

As we're eating the pizza at my friend's house, the guys are talking about a party they had on the weekend, and all the events that happened, and I mentioned I didn't go because I was at the beach with my family, but I had planned on goiing with my bf. I told them my boyfriend's name......

and they all got quiet.




My heart sinks......because I had asked my bf what he planned on doing, he said "nothing because I have no gas."


Now, I was shocked because my boyfriend lives on the exact oppoisite side of town... AND the party was close to my house..... so I was like... wow. I can't believe 1. he lied and 2. he'd risk showing his face in a side of town where people know me.



I called him, asked what he did saturday night.. he said nothing. Shocked by his lie, I called him out.........and he started to deny it, attack ME...and insist he doesn't care because I lied to him and went to the beach with 2 other men.... I don't know WHERE THE HELL he came up with that. NO EARTHLY IDEA


Today he's texting me a bunch of crap how I'm a liar, always have been

(I've never lied to him, I've always been honest and have had to suffer the consequences to my honesty), and now he's admitting he went to the party, but didn't party. (My friends admitted this was true because the party got shut down when they arrived.... but that means he had the full intentions of going to party in the first place.. to which i didn't believe, so the guys showed me their cell phones so I could see missed calls from him and his best friend)


now he's throwing things in my face from the summer, when i had a new boyfriend after we broke up, and insists i'm to blame because I am unfaithful.


He's hurting me a lot.. I know now he's lied to me about so much more..... I want to kill him for not humbling himself enough to just say the truth and apologize...... instead, he's taking hard shots at me


I feel disgusted in myself for having given him myself.......... having felt guilt for so long for no reason.. for my ONE mistake, after all of the things he did to me............. I feel like trash

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I think you know that he is not good for you. Let him go and move forward with your life. You are really wasting precious time in your life that you will never get back with that guy. Be strong and just do it.


You're beyond right and I know it.

I want WILL.... I need to will to let this go and let him go

fawk I feel dirty inside, idk

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Get in first and drop him. Tell him that your fed up with him treating you like crap. Because he does treat you like crap. You don't see it now because letting go is the hardest part - but once you do, you'll look back and go "Man I should have done this ages ago".


You're right.. I think he already knows it's over.

He had the nerve to tell me it was... because he's tired of my crap..... I guess.

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You need to be done with this guy. No Question. He is creating all these negative feeling and the Debbie Downer attitude. Be tired of the crap he makes of your thoughts and feelings. Do not allow this boy, yes boy, to manipulate you and hold you down any longer.


Get up, brush his crap off, and see what you know is there. A future without that dirtbag. Yes, it is alone for a bit, and that will be hard. In a short while though it will not be bad, and a little while longer and you will be ok. Then that future can look bright and shiny again. It is bright and shiny now, it is just hard to see through all the haze he has created around you. Envision the future, a good future without him in sight. Now begin to plan for it, take steps toward it and that future will be here before you know it.

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